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Post by Jay » Sat May 05, 2018 12:52 am

In the power description for Hypnotism it states:

"...This power ends if the caster looks away from the
target, moves out of mental range, activates any other power, or
if the caster or target is attacked."

Is "looking away from the target" intended to be breaking exclusive eye contact? Essentially:

1. If the hypnotiser looks at the target's hands, equipment, or feet, is hypnotism broken?
2. If the target talks with hand gestures which obstruct eye contact or the target otherwise initiates a break in eye contact, is it broken?
3. If another player walks up and waves their hand in between the eye contact of the two, is hypnotism broken?
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Re: Hypnotism

Post by Julian » Mon May 14, 2018 9:32 pm

Good questions!

1. No. Eye contact is not required, you must simply keep looking at the target and maintain line of sight. Eye contact can be difficult for nearby players to read if there's a dispute, and the more permissive interpretation cuts down on confusion. The intent is not to punish players for blinking or glancing at the target's hands, it's to ensure that the target remains the focus of the caster's attention.

2. No, for two reasons. First, the caster must look at the target, but that requirement isn't reciprocal. Second, the target may do nothing other than truthfully answering the caster's questions. A target moving or making any attempt to physically disrupt the effect, intentional or otherwise, is taking an action other than answering the questions.

3. No. Intermittent interference that doesn't completely block the caster's view of the target such as blinking or hand waving does not break this effect. It takes a deliberate effort to obscure the caster's view of the target. So if you just walk between them the effect will not break, but if you park your butt in front of them to get in the way or hold a shield up between them that would do the trick. Note that the caster may move so long as they can do so without looking away from the target or stepping outside mental range.
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