Power Masks

Conversations about the rules for Shadow Accord. These can get very technical.
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Power Masks

Post by Jay » Mon May 07, 2018 5:46 pm

Some mask powers such as Powerful Form have effects when you wear any power mask:

"You may put on a mask as described by this power’s source.
While wearing any power mask, you gain Augment 1."

If you had the Mask of a Thousand Faces power (which is tagged as a Mask power), it gives you the ability to put on any mask:

"The caster may put on any type of mask they desire. ..."

Does this mean that you get the augment of Powerful Form with any mask you put on from your Thousand Faces power? For example, could you be a powerful [generic scary creature] in this way?
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Re: Power Masks

Post by Julian » Mon May 14, 2018 11:28 pm


Note that this only applies if you're actually wearing a "non-decorative, animal or monster mask" as described by the errata on the power, not just if you're disguised or using it to bypass subfaction makeup requirements.
Shadow Accord 2.1 Errata 1 wrote:Clarifying that the intent of the mask portion of this power is for disguise purposes, to allow you to blend in with other shapeshifters.
Cost: None
Call: None
The caster may put on any type of non-decorative, animal or monster mask they desire. Additionally as a passive effect, a character with this power may disregard any makeup requirements of his sub-faction. A character with this power may also adopt a new identity without a full face covering.
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