Iron Agg and Withstand

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Iron Agg and Withstand

Post by Kristen W » Wed Sep 05, 2018 11:22 pm

I am certain this discussion has been had before, but I am unable to find it (the link for rulings and clarifications from the old forum appears to be broken).

From the rules:
Aggravated Damage from Iron = attacks by normal metal weapons

Withstand: Activate this power to remove the <type> from a damage attack that strikes the caster, or from exposure damage. You must be conscious and able to use self powers to use this power. This power does not work against aggravated damage from draining.
From reading the Withstand power, it looks like it is meant to be able to resist agg from any source other than the agg from draining. It covers both damage from weapon strikes and exposure damage. However, in the case of taking agg from an iron / normal metal weapon, there is no verbal <type> to remove from the call. Are characters who take agg from iron able to use the withstand power to remove the the iron type from an attack despite this type not being called out loud during the strike?
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Re: Iron Agg and Withstand

Post by Julian » Thu Oct 25, 2018 12:04 am

Yes, Withstand will work in this scenario.

The intent of the power is to prevent one instance of damage from being agg to you. If we can assume an unspoken type for exposure damage, we can assume an unspoken type for damage attacks by normal metal weapons.
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