Ceilican/Iron/Withstand/Fire Sword

Conversations about the rules for Shadow Accord. These can get very technical.
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Ceilican/Iron/Withstand/Fire Sword

Post by Impulse » Tue Sep 11, 2018 2:36 am

I am aware that the current rules team is not responsible for implementing the rules in question, and this critique is therefore not of the current team.

No other bastet tribe has one of their yava as a rules mechanic. I would argue either all bastet tribes should have a disadvantage based in their yava or none should. Yes, an allergy to iron is easier to translate from canon (in theory, more on that later) than other tribes’ yava, but that strikes me as a poor excuse. It would be easy to remove iron causing agg from ceilican, and trust in players to RP their aversion to iron, as they do their other yava. It would be harder, but possible, to create yava based disadvantages for all bastet tribes. The canon yava for ceilican does not state that iron causes agg, so the SA disadvantage also seems excessive.

There is no way to tell if you are being hit with iron from the back or in the dark. The canon yava aversion is only to cold iron, not steel. An easy fix to both these issues would be a cold iron tag with an “Iron” type call. This would also answer the question of how much metal coloring is required on a weapon in order to qualify for causing agg to a ceilican or fae. Do studs on a staff count, or must it be solid grey like a sword or axe head? While this fix is still excessive compared to the canon yava, it would be a great improvement to the functionality of the current disadvantage.

The lack of an “Iron” type call also means that Ceilican cannot use their innate gift of Withstand when it comes to their disadvantage. I find this unreasonable. They can avoid silver or fire but not iron. It just doesn’t make sense.

Ceilicans are required to carry a weapon to use their gift Fire Sword, when the most common boffer weapons would qualify as metal for the purposes of causing agg to a ceilican or fae. This is a relatively minor issue, but it compounds with the others I’ve mentioned. It is both an RP issue and an IG danger to for someone burned by iron to carry iron in order to use their innate magic. If generic metal weapons causing agg to ceilcans is removed it becomes less of an issue, but I question why Fire Sword cannot be used on natural weapons in the first place.

Thank you for listening.
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Re: Ceilican/Iron/Withstand/Fire Sword

Post by Julian » Thu Oct 25, 2018 5:46 pm

Thank you for your input, you raise a lot of really good points.

We've ruled that Withstand does function for Ceilicans struck by metal weapons. That's perfectly in line with the intended usage of the power, and it's necessary to make the iron weakness less debilitating.

We do want to do a balance/canon-alignment revision, and the rest of your concerns are exactly the sort of thing that would be in the scope of that project. I can't promise when that will be, exactly, or what changes if any we'll ultimately decide to make, but this feedback is something that we'll take into account when we have that discussion.
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