Update on the Rulebook Update and notes for December game

Conversations about the rules for Shadow Accord. These can get very technical.
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Update on the Rulebook Update and notes for December game

Post by Sheakhan » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:01 am

Hey Shadow Accord,
Head of Rules here with a semi-important update on the updated rulebook and a few brief rules clarifications.

Firstly, thank you all so much for contributing and voicing your opinions, suggestions, concerns, and questions. It's helped a lot.

I wanted to let everyone know that the updated rulebook will *not* be in effect this game. While it's essentially ready, we felt that it was a better idea to wait until a new XO has been hired before finishing up the vetting process and putting it out there.

While most of the updates are already in effect as per errata on the current version of the rules, there are a couple rules in this update that are not represented in errata that we would like to put into effect this game as 'best practices' and 'clarifications' rather than official rules.

You've already seen them mentioned in the pre-game announcements, but just to reiterate we will be allowing Cameo characters this game, and we wanted to clarify that anyone can claim tags for any ritual even if they cannot cast it.

Please note that if you cannot cast the ritual, you cannot apply the tags to items in game. This includes rituals that produce tags such as Wards, Dwellings, Dirt, Blood, Plague, Spirit Brew etc. Regardless of what the ritual says, if you cannot cast it, you cannot apply those tags. Additionally each ritual may only be presented at check-in one time by one player to claim tags. It's advised that the tags are attached to the ritual physically.

Why? So that if you sell the ritual or allow someone else to cast it, the new owner/caster has tags available instead of having to trek to ST to acquire them and disrupt their game.

We also wanted to clarify an often asked question: "If I have multiple copies of a ritual that says it can only be cast once per caster, can I cast it multiple times?" the answer is no. This restriction is per the caster, and we believe that is where the emphasis should be.

Back to the rulebook release: We will be pushing to have the rulebook vetted and ready for release by January game, as we should have an XO hired by then. Thank you for your patience!
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