ST end of May game Announcements

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ST end of May game Announcements

Post by Miss Nat » Tue May 15, 2018 8:25 am

Ladies and Gentleman of Shadow Accord,
The Storytellers would like to thank you all for giving us our "week off" >.> <.< that we all totally took full advantage of, and none of us worked through at all... ☺️
But now that we are back to work... yes... back to work... because we totally took that break... *clears throat* We wanted to remind you about the link to the amazing Storyteller Portal, where you can find the links to all of our forms. As well as drop a reminder of our email so that you would have all the tools you would need to engage with the world over our summer LARP break!

Couple of quick notes that we would like to put out there for everyone.
1 - We are accepting between game emails again! Hazzah!
For those of you that do not know the difference between when to send an email and when to submit a downtime form, it's super easy. Our downtime form is to let us know what you are doing between games in a way that DOES NOT allow for us to interact with your character outside of game, but does set things up to allow for us to react to what you did inside of game space once you get into game. If you send us an email it means that you want us to respond to what you are doing between games. This is either done with a brief overview or with an RPed scene. Which one you get is our choice as if we get swamped with emails we can't give everyone a 20 email back and forth scene.
For all emails please allow, and expect at least two weeks for your answer, though we should get to you in no more than three. (Unless you emailed us during our week off. then we haven't looked at your emails yet.)

2. Some of our forms are getting reworked, added to, or revamped. We will keep you updated.

3. Summoning requests are back open. Please remember to put in everything you want out of the thing you are summoning, even if your character would never ask for the thing when summoning the spirit (or whatever), but would ask them in person. If we need to prep an NPC with that information, we can't if we don't know it's going to come up.

4. Okay guys, this is the big one, and this is why I kept it to last. Now you know that I love you, and you can harass me in any medium you want at any time you want and I will shoot the shit with you about all things SA. But that is because I, Natalie Corlew, choose to live and breath Shadow Accord (much to the long sighs of friends and family I am sure) My compatriots, Eric Lee, and Joie Sullivan are not me. PLEASE, PLEASE do not harass them about all things game on Facebook messenger unless they invite you to do so. If you want to talk to just them about something ST related you can reach them at their nwlarper emails and you can also ALWAYS email me at
But come on guys, let my kids have their actual lives, we don't want our ST team to burn out on us.

Thanks ❤️
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