October tavern tabs!

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October tavern tabs!

Post by Andrey » Fri Oct 05, 2018 8:19 pm

The month of spooks and tabs!

We're keeping the tab list open to the general game population. We will be taking a limited number of tabs - we can take up to 15 tabs total. As a courtesy to our tab regulars, those who had tabs at the last event will have first shot at the slots.

What is a tab?
You give us real money before game, which will allow us to buy the food we will be serving at game without being totally broke. In exchange, your character starts game with a Tab at the Tipsy Chicken which will allow you to eat and drink all weekend without giving us any of your shillings.

How much will a tab cost?
Tabs cost $20 a person.

What does a tab get me?
You will be given an open tab to account for whatever meals and drinks you want over the weekend. There is no set limit. We previously tried to track those, and it turned out to be more work than it was worth.

These tabs are tied to you as a player, not to your character - if you need to switch characters during the game, you can continue to use your tab.

There are 2 "official" meals served: Friday and Saturday dinner at the Tipsy Chicken Tavern. There is also often an afternoon snack available Saturday at the Chicken, and there is almost always some sort of veggie & rice or lentil soup available at the Pious Rose. Note that this tab does not cover all food at the Rose, just soups.

Our staff probably don't recognize everyone on sight; if they ask you for payment, just let them know that you have a tab, and what name it's under (preferably IG).

Please be respectful with your tab. This is not food you are buying for others, it's food you are buying for yourself. If you want to purchase meals or drinks for others in game, please use in game coin.

How do I get a tab?
Send me an email at astroilov@gmail.com. Let me know you're interested in a tab. Please include your full player name - we have a lot of Daves, Brians, etc. so I need to be able to tell exactly who you are. Optionally, you can include your character name(s) as well, to make IG identification easier.

Then, get your $20 to me before the Thursday of game. Google Wallet or Paypal are probably easiest, unless you're someone I see regularly enough to take cash. I can accept either at astroilov@gmail.com. I can also take cash at game, but logistics are much easier if I get the money ahead of time.

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Re: October tavern tabs!

Post by ahmed11 » Thu Oct 11, 2018 11:40 am

It was helpful
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