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Post by Miss Nat » Fri Feb 02, 2018 4:10 am

Ladies and Gentleman of Shadow Accord,
Just a friendly reminder that your currently overworked and understaffed Storyteller team is HIRING!
That's right! If you have ever thought about taking a turn at the wheel behind the screen now is the perfect time to apply as we have 3 vacancies in our roster.
"But Natalie," I hear you say. "I'm having so much fun with my character / the game right now. Surely someone else can / will step up. You guys don't need me."
To which I say: "Bolder dash and Poppycock! We love the fact that everyone is having fun, but we cannot possibly keep up this pace with only two and if everyone passes the buck with the belief that someone else will step up so you don't have to then no one is going to step up. It's a sad, horrible cycle. And don't call me Surely."
So again I say, again I ask. For the sake of the sanity of the two women are currently running ST, if you have any interest at all in being an ST for Shadow Accord Please take a look at our application. It explains a lot of what you need to know about being an ST. And if it seems like something you can do, and you think you can put your character's story on hold so you can help the other player's tell theirs. Please... Please apply.
Guest Plot Form:

Thank you ❤️❤️
The girls in ST Camp
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