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Wiki Team is Hiring

Post by lwgilmore » Fri May 25, 2018 4:56 pm

Hi all,

Head of Wiki here with a job posting for the last spot on our team: a Wiki Contributor!

Being a Wiki Contributor is a great creative way to add to the Shadow Accord world! Wiki Contributors are expected to write articles between games, help update articles throughout the year, and work with other Staff Teams to make certain that all information is clear and correct. Wiki Contributors brainstorm topics with the rest of the team, receive direction from the Head, and work collaboratively with the Editor to finish their pieces. This is a team-based approach to a community resource, so communication skills, flexibility, following directions and templates, research skills, and writing skills are all needed in a Wiki Contributor.

Applications are due to by midnight, June 6. Interviews must take place before June 14. Interviews will be conducted over Google Hangouts or Discord. Please indicate which you prefer in your application.

Please read the below list to see what should be in your application!

About You
Please give your name and how long you have LARPed (not just at SA).
List the other LARPs you have played or still play in addition to SA.
What other staff positions have you held at this LARP or any others?

Wiki Team
What is your reason for interest in this Wiki Team position?
What is your experience with World of Darkness and Shadow Accord/Mortal Tears?
What is your philosophy on the relationship of lore between World of Darkness and Shadow Accord?
What do you think the wiki should accomplish?
Please include a one- to two-page sample article explaining to a new player what a Shallowing is in Shadow Accord and how it features in RP.

Please list any additional experience you believe is necessary to your ability to fulfill this role.

Lizzy G.
Head of Wiki
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