Executive Officer Team is hiring.

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Executive Officer Team is hiring.

Post by lwgilmore » Mon Nov 19, 2018 7:28 pm

Executive Officer (3 positions).

“Executive officers arbitrate disputes between members of NW LARPers, supervise and support all branches of Staff. (Including filling in and performing any staff duty if required) This consists of communication with staff teams, fixing communication between staff teams, fixing communication within staff teams, fixing communication between players and staff teams, and directly communication with players about the game. They appoint and remove the heads of staff but must consult with the board of NWlarpers if they wish to remove the treasurer. They can remove non-heads of staff if it becomes necessary but every effort should be made to handle things through the head of staff leadership. They are to require the departments to be ready for each event. They are responsible for the layout and formatting of the announcements/newsletter produced every game.

In general they are available to look out for the general playership’s interests in areas where full disclosure may not be appropriate. They also serve as points of contact for the public and are expected to be active on the NW LARPers site. Communicating with the Ranger and/or camp director on and off site and organizational purchases are an Executive responsibility. They can revoke anyone’s ability to donate if they fail to fill a special donation that was claimed and can reject any donation as inadequate. They are also responsible for the organizational rules for players/staff and enforcing the rules and maintaining the infractions logbook. (Please see the investigation process for more information) Executives should coordinate every work party that players are attending and attend if no head off staff is available to do so. They should physically attend every Head of Staff meeting.

Executives need to review the public version of the head of staff meeting notes generated by the note taker to make sure they were fit for general consumption and that they are out out on a timely basis. Further they are required to do an annual staff review within the first quarter of the year and look for signs of burnout in the staff. The position will normally have three trusted members.”

To apply, include your name, your larp experience, any leadership experience you may have, any prior experience relevant to the position, why you want to join the team, and what you think you can contribute. Duties include scheduling events, handling player concerns, setting up game, dealing with issues during game, and attending Heads of staff meetings, amongst other things.

Send application to sa.heads@nwlarpers.org. The deadline is 12/3/2018.

Lizzy G.
Head of Wiki
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