December 2018 Safety Announcements

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December 2018 Safety Announcements

Post by Kristie » Thu Dec 06, 2018 3:59 pm

Sam the Safety Salmon and Team here for your regularly scheduled pre-game announcements! Same Salmon Time, same Salmon Channel!
Yes I know this is long. Bear with me. Sam and the team have a lot to cover!

The current projected weather for this weekend is going to be very very cold with temperatures in the mid 30’s and 40’s at the highest. Be sure to bring lots of extra bedding, approved heaters, and good layers to wear with your garb!
Hand warmers are available at the Tavern to anyone that asks the bartender!

Each team member wears a salmon colored armband or belt favor at all times during game. If you get injured or need medical help please ask for a Safety Team member by crossing your fingers above your head or calling a “Stand Down”. Current safety staff members are Kristie Neises, Susanna Lauder, Darian Boyer, Jamie Hellerman, Silas Hjelmstad, and Zack Rodriguez.

ALL WEAPONS MUST BE INSPECTED AT CHECK IN. Weapons will not be checked outside of checkin without prior approval from a Safety Team member. EVERYONE must have their weapons checked and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS. If you are coming to late check in at ST camp then please give your weapons to an ST to check.
DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING PLUGGED IN AND UNATTENDED. Electronics should only be plugged in if they are actively being used (this includes cellular devices). Heaters may be plugged in and on if people are in the room or sleeping but should be unplugged if no one is in the building.

The beach will be closed this game due to construction going on down by the boat house. Please do not go down to the beach.

Here is a link to the official site and organization rules for heaters.

Please remember that striking surfaces should not be rested on the ground (including tips). This breaks the weapons down faster and makes them pick up debris that can go unnoticed before entering combat. This is especially concerning when they are wet making them prone to picking up more debris.
The cold brings more than the personal discomfort on its own. It also causes latex and duct tape weapons to break down and harden further. The surfaces will slap harder. Please please please be gentle with your fellow players and keep in mind how much more these weapons are going to hurt when the surface has become a solid mass of hate.

Only those approved by a Safety Team or a HoS may be authorized to start fires. The details of what all is involved to be allowed to start and tend a fire will be provided at the time of approval. More information can be found here...

THERE IS TO BE NO COMBAT AROUND ACTIVE FIRES. The area around a live fire is to be treated as an rp, touch, and sensory powers only place. All physical combat must move away at least 10 feet. If combat breaks out in an area where there is a fire then a stand down will be called until the area is safely cleared. If combat has started outside of the “no fighting zone” then a player cannot flee to the “no fighting zone” in order to escape combat consequences.

A new medical accommodations policy has been added and will be in effect for this event and future events: ... sp=sharing
If you require OOG sleeping arrangements then please read the above policy and submit a medical accommodations form to Safety Team so that we may have you on file (this is not required to use this policy though it will help in case something happens)

It's really easy to get wrapped up in a scene while outside, especially for our fuzzier population. To make sure you can do this and get away with it, we'd like to recommend that you take the steps to ensure your wellbeing. We'd also like to ask that you keep an eye on each other for any signs of hypothermia. It's important to note that most people who become hypothermic will not recognize it in themselves. We're going to be looking for it, but we can only be in so many places at once.
A quick list:
-Confusion and/or trouble speaking
-Lack of coordination
-Increased hunger
If these symptoms begin, get inside and warm up. Contact a member of safety to check in. This is what the team is for, you won't get in trouble for having one of us check in on you.
Contact staff IMMEDIATELY if:
-Shivering gets so severe you can't speak OR stops altogether while still in the cold. This one is very important to note.
-Clumsiness and coordination are lost
-Slurred speech
-Confusion and poor decision-making, such as trying to remove warm clothes
-Drowsiness and fatigue
-Lack of concern of one's condition - this is a symptom of shock, not a conscious state of stupidity.
-Slow, shallow breathing
-Weaker pulse
-Progressive loss of consciousness
*Do not continue to RP out a scene if you see someone in the later stages. Find someone immediately. We have been trained to handle this. Do not run cold limbs under warm water to try and warm a person suffering up. There is a process that needs to be followed to avoid shocking the system by increasing cold flow into the body.

Medical accommodations form…/1FAIpQLSfkSwM ... …/viewform
This is for Safety Team and staff use only and is completely voluntary. This will not affect player to player interactions in any way. The purpose of this form is to submit any medical accommodations or concerns that you may have while attending an official game event at Shadow Accord.
*Please note that filling this out does not guarantee fulfilled requests as we have finite space and resources, but we will do our best to help take care of you!*
~Character: Kamaria~
Head of Safety and Translator to Sam the Safety Salmon
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