March 2019 Announcements!

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March 2019 Announcements!

Post by Susanna » Fri Mar 08, 2019 4:54 am

March 2019/1219 Shadow Accord
Located at:
Sound View Camp and Retreat Center
8515 Key Peninsula Hwy S
Longbranch, WA 98351

Do not arrive at site before 2:00 PM and do not enter site until the gate has been opened by a member of the Heads of Staff or an XO.

If you are someone that stays at the Longhouse aka the Pious Rose, the parking lot cannot be used for vehicles! The best way to get your things from your cars to the Rose is to park by the Tipsy Chicken.

If this is the first game of 2019 that you have attended, please make sure you sign a liability waiver! You must sign the waiver to play. Check-In is still being held in Old Town this game.

Please remember every weapon prop must be checked every time before you start game.

Due to site working on construction and improvement projects, certain areas may be closed. Please keep an eye out for the orange caution tape and lights are used by safety, they mark hazards or places we shouldn’t be!

Follow the posted speed limits in the campsite at the request of the on site Ranger. Site is anticipating more school groups, speed limits ensure that everyone at site stays safe.

Wall tacks are no longer permitted for hanging deco. Please use other means such as command hooks, poster putty or other non-damaging hanging methods.

If you get injured or need medical help please ask for a Safety Team member by crossing your fingers above your head or calling a “Stand Down”. Current safety staff members are Kristie Neises, Darian Boyer, Jamie Hellerman, Silas Hjelmstad, and Zack Rodriguez.

Many staff teams are hiring. Please check our open staff position board for more information.

Our medical accommodations policy was started last game and is still in effect. ... sp=sharing
If you require OOG sleeping arrangements then please read the above policy!

You may bring heaters for personal areas. Any heaters left on and unattended will be turned off and removed from the tent, then held at Storyteller camp for the duration of the event. For proper heater safety and to find out what kind is allowed for your sleeping area please read Safety’s forum post located here.

Live fires will not be permitted without express permission. For proper fire management and policies on how to be approved to light and tend them, please read through safety’s forum post, located Here.

Character Cameo Policy
If you wish to Cameo a character, you must check-in both characters you wish to play. The Cameo character may be played from Friday at 9pm to no later than 6am on Saturday after which point you must either switch to your second character or choose to continue playing the first for the duration of the event. Note: If you are checking in two characters, you may only collect tags, coin, rituals, and knowledge for one of them.

While any character may claim tags associated with a ritual, only characters who meet the prerequisites for the casting may apply these tags to props during and as required by the ritual. Each ritual sheet may only be used once at each Check-In by only one character.

Remember! Only new players, and returning players who have given notice will have the ability to have a character CGed on site, and the options for on site characters are limited.

If you go to StoryTeller Camp during the event and ask for your character to travel somewhere outside of Seaton Carew, you will likely be asked to NPC, or proceed to an OOG area prior to returning to game space. Please do not remain at StoryTeller camp to chat with other Players.

If your character dies, is imprisoned, or otherwise removed from town by an NPC, go to StoryTeller Camp. There you will have the following options:
1. Play a backup character which must have been checked in on Friday night
2. Ask to play an NPC.
3. Pack your things and leave site

If your character undergoes major character sheet changes (becoming a fomori, ghoul, or vampire) please remain in game space long enough to finish the scene you are in. When it appears appropriate to slip away, head to StoryTeller camp and inform them of the change. You will be given further instruction there.

You can find the current Rulebook here: Rulebook

If a call is used on you that you are not familiar with, politely raise a hand with two fingers crossed and ask the player who said the call what it does, they will help you understand the power and how to roleplay it’s effects.

If you sleep in a structure, please see that it returns to the way you found it once game has been called; Soundview loves how clean Shadow Accord keeps the site, so let’s keep it that way!

All players should plan for their own meals, or make arrangements to purchase food in game. ANY players preparing food for other players in any of the kitchen spaces are required to have their Washington State food handlers permits on file with Safety Team. For more information please see the forum guide.

Please get permission from whoever is managing kitchens prior to personal use.
For more information about the use of on site kitchens please see the forum post.

Do note that the NWLARPers Anti-Harrassment Policy will be in full effect, please review the policy here:

Check Lost & Found! It will be at ST camp. Wonderful volunteers organized all lost and found last game, meaning that we are resuming the one game grace period to claim your items. Please check Lost & Found even if you think you have everything! Items still in lost and found after the grace period are either donated to the Org for deco/st garb or are otherwise disposed of.

Friday - High 43 / Low 30 60% chance of rain
Sunset 6:06pm

Saturday: High 47 / Low 28 10% chance of rain
Sunrise 6:35am Sunset 6:07pm

Sunday: High 51 / Low 29 10% chance of Rain
Sunrise 7:33am

Moon Phase: Waxing Crescent
Any character with Theurge as one of their innate trees gains the benefits of the “Moon Ties” Merit this weekend, assuming it is on their character sheet.

Please come to after game announcements to find out important information from XO’s and Heads of Staff.
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