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Commoner Newsletter

Post by Miss Nat » Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:02 am

The new for January has arrived Remember this is all In Game Knowledge.

Death Now More Certain Than Taxes
Since the start of the new year, the King’s Laws on taxation have been revised. Townsfolk are no longer required to pay taxes. Building owners are still required to pay taxes on their property, but this is now only required twice per calendar year. These taxes should still be collected during market time as normal.

A Change in Hunting Laws
There has been another change in laws since the new year, but this time locally within the Liberty of Durham. A small change of the wolf hunting laws now allows for wolf dogs to exist inside of towns. ((Please be aware a player will have their service animal present at game.))

A Surge of Bandit Activity
Local guards and patrols have spread word that there has been more bandit activity on the roads and in towns as of recently. It appears that they have been targeting the wealthy and nobles, as a handful of farmers and other working class townsfolk have run into some of these thieves and were not harassed.

All Quiet in the Countryside
The waves of violent attacks that stormed across Northern England have ceased. The survivors are mostly unsure of what attacked them in the first place, but all has seemed quiet since last market weekend. Neighboring towns have spoke of the kind residents of Seaton Carew that have come to their aid, and word has spread of their good deeds. However, the communities that were hit are still recovering from the attacks, including the massive damage sustained to other local ports.

A Sinking Feeling in Old Town
A particular spot in Old Town near the road (where the labyrinth once used to be) seems to be causing an uneasiness to anyone that comes across it. Those who can see across the gauntlet are able to pinpoint the precise spot and see it, but others are filled with a sense of existential dread upon coming near it.

The New Neighbors
It appears that since last market, new residents have taken up in the briefly vacant Priory outside of town. Everything still seems to be fairly quiet, but the occasional person can be seen coming and going and an occasional light emanating from the inside in the evenings. As of a few days before market, this activity seems to have picked up.
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