March 1218

In character stories from games. This information should be considered OOG for other players.
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March 1218

Post by Meg » Mon Mar 26, 2018 5:52 am

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"You prefer to keep me in a box with someone you call Satan. Well, I don't have his mark. If you don't believe I'm of the light, friend, you're in the dark." - Dreamtrybe's Blessed Be

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Re: March 1218

Post by Meg » Mon Mar 26, 2018 6:00 am

Every man has his fate.
All that remains is how he
chooses to meet it.

You appear to have faint death marks on you.

My blood ran cold – not because I fear my fate – but because I did not expect the signs of it to come so soon.

Breathe, Gerður. Focus. Hennet was nowhere to be found; but, it felt like he was there in the back of my mind. I drew strength from that. He could be referring to the sight in one eye, sacrificed to bring clarity to a vision shared with another.

It’s doubtful; but, I need to focus on the things that I can control – rather than worry about the things that I know are set. There is much to unlearn. There is much to relearn. I see now how the ways in which my mother’s people understand the runes is flawed. How else could they claim the things that they do while behaving in ways that are contrary to the whole of our peoples’ ways?

By making their allies stronger, they make themselves stronger. Put yourself in their shoes.” It’s not something Nuala has actually explicitly said; but, I know my sister’s mind. She carries the light of Brighid – a light that is at times too bright for me. I feel more comfortable in a storm or the snow and the natural dark that comes with it. I am the dark wyrd to her light wyld. We balance each other. It is also part of the reason why I go through this process. To try and ragabash myself to remind me why I do things the way I do them: why I believe as I do.

And I think on it. There are several reasons I can come up with why it may make sense to people who live in Seaton Carew. But in the end the angry little voice wins out and decides that what this is whole mess is Proper. Shite. They’re up in arms about some cac shadow from a lower umbral realm who is pretending to be the All-Father. The All-Father does not come from such a place. And if they truly believed that he did? Why the fuck would they allow that thing near the blasted nihil? Fook. They might as well be dancing around the well screamin ‘Wyrm come fook us please!

You are not a member of the Sept. They don’t care about you. Fuck them.

That. That is the voice I have tried so very hard not to listen to. The one I’ve been fighting – largely out of my respect for Lady Camlynn and Naiya. I know when I first arrived to Seaton Carew, it was a rocky start. Those bridges were mended.

…But never forgotten. Forgiving does not mean forgetting. And I know the more I try to deny my feelings on the matter, the angrier I will be. The more self-destructive I will become. No, it is best to cut ties. To walk away. Anger like that? It only contributes bitterness. Bitterness leads only to poison. And they already have enough to deal with. Let this be enough. I will come to their aid should it ever be needed; but, it is healthier for me not to be involved.

The vision with the Hugins and Munnin’s have still not left me.

I think you are wrong. You are not going to become a ghost ….Unless it’s like Bar and you have to fight your way back from Helheim.

I can’t remember what I have told Liufur and what I haven’t. What lingers yet still is that conversation with Aldo. There is much from which I would see Liufur spared. But to do that would be disrespecting him and his strength. We will talk more of this – little by little. One of two things will happen: He will be right or I will be. Just because I understand something to be true does not mean the prophecy need be a self-fulfilling one.

I will not run.

I will not be reckless.

I will fight.

I will be heard.
"You prefer to keep me in a box with someone you call Satan. Well, I don't have his mark. If you don't believe I'm of the light, friend, you're in the dark." - Dreamtrybe's Blessed Be

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Re: March 1218

Post by Phelix86 » Mon Mar 26, 2018 9:22 pm


I am off balance. I have given too much to Autumn and Winter pulls me further, pulls me strongly, pulls me too soon. It is not yet the time for my Winter, yet there are so many things that scream of Autumn right now.

Both of my apprentices are reaching the end of their time learning under me. Nualla is ready to take her first steps on her own, as her own Master. May Market will be the end of my contract to teach Angelina, and she has learned so much.

Managing the small tasks and daily chores of the town feels like I am an ant surrying to stow away food for the Winter.

With Autumn in my eyes, I see my closest friends pulling away. I see them burning their resources. I see them resolving their issues. I see them changing. There is much of Autumn in all of us right now.

The shifting folk still grieve for one of their number, and the ripples from his death stir the dead leaves. The restless from the last incursion of ancient horrors come home to roost. Yet further restless hold open a hole to many hells, waiting for a different ancient horror to climb through.

There are so many problems, full of weight, and yet so little I can do about them.

Will the Bishop come? We don't know. He might. I tell people to be prepared that he might come, and word makes its way around the town, until an hour later, I hear that the Bishop is definitely coming and we must all be ready to fight him. The way information degrades, falls apart, and loses its meaning in this place astounds me. How can there be that much decay, corruption, and entropy in their minds and hearts? Are they all given over to Autumn? Has the Wyrm taken their tongues?

There were brief moments of peace. Hugs in the darkness. Bitter words shared with one who will not be wounded by them. Dark secrets shared in the darkest of places, followed by the angry release of tension. Healing touches, words, and thoughts.

And yet, there were glimmers of brightness.

<telepathy> *fart noises* </telepathy>
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Re: March 1218

Post by Gearheart » Mon Mar 26, 2018 11:20 pm

I always wondered why things like Crux acted like they could take on the world head on.
Demon general got cocky and got put down hard.
Crux did the same.

I wonder... is it the power that breeds arrogance, or is it the corruption that ate away at their minds?

If I became powerful like that... Would I make the same mistakes? I've gotten my hands on enough power to do some horrible things... but... I'm not corrupt yet right? That thing was just a husk. it HAD to die... Nobody even CARED that I killed it. nobody noticed. I'm fine.

My mind is abuzz with the possibilities of power as of yet unclaimed. places, treasures, magic! Adventures that I no longer need fear. Blood's been on my hands before. I just... Can't keep doing this. I need to take a step back. I need to take steps forward. back. I don't know. I need to die. I need to kill. I need to be forgiven. I need to forgive. I'm tired, I can't give up yet.

... We're fine.
everything is under control.
I'm in control.
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Re: March 1218

Post by Doc » Sat Mar 31, 2018 4:49 am


“If you’re still here, that means there is still hope. I don’t know how, but it is possible.”

“The best way to help them is to show that there is an end to their journey. Giving them a story to follow may be what they need. At the end; when you are ready, I will be there.”

Valhalla was still possible; if only I could die.
I can help the Circle, I just have to find an end.


Hall of laughter, family, a Rose in spring.
Rose wilted, silence, clinging to love that won’t return.

Sleep. Peace. Snores of friends. Contentment.
Anger. Hate. Fear. The shuffling of strangers.

The Good Men. All the good in the world couldn’t save this place.
The Rose Patrol. Everyone we tried to protect is gone.
The Reeve. Pride incarnate; driven mad by what this world did to his family.
The Judge. Hope with a funny hat; fear crept in and extinguished that bravery.
Pious. All care and love; heart shattered beyond repair.
Unnar. Kindred and wild; but you were called.
Sam. You protected so many; why didn’t you ask for us to protect you in return?
Fremont. Friendship; out of reach.

Old Town, roaring fires, music, life, friendship.
Lost memories, decay, solemn woods, desecration.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. ‘How am I moving?’
On my back. Moving. ‘Who is that?’
A round shield. ‘Fremont. I didn’t die. Again.’

A merry tavern. Cold fingers. Merry times. Snow flying. Laughter.
Terror. Darkness. Monsters. Fear. Remembrance.

"You're important to us, Bar."

The Circle. The family we all believe in; a house of cards.
WIck. The hunter of distractions; even you couldn't look away from the end.
Holli. Innocence has a face; but innocence must end.

"I was so scared." "Its okay, I'll always be here to keep you safe." What did I feel. Failure.
"He died." "I know." What did I feel. Fear.

This town is a long chain of memories; forged in regret and sorrow.

The beginning of the end is learning to let go.
Bar, Grim Legion, Harbinger, Alcoholic
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