In A Coincidental Place

Between game RP at public locations around Seaton Carew.

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In A Coincidental Place

Post by Amber » Thu Apr 05, 2018 2:16 am

If Hillevi has been on one's mind, if one might wonder what happened to her, a letter appears, as though it has always been there. It is a patient letter, waiting for a moment where a little something in the corner of one's eye bears notice.

The letter reads thus:


My life is not my own. I cannot always know when I come and go, but I believe I follow a good path. I am sorry if my absence brought you pain, when my presence was expected.

I am pregnant. William Credence will be born in the fall. My daughter's path is her own, but my son will be a bridge between worlds.
I am excited for him, but I am afraid. Being with child in Seaton Carew has not been kind to me in the past.

I know I will return. There are many things that need tending.

I hope in this way, you will know me, and be happy.

Signed, (Depending on the recipient) --

Hillevi Carr-Al-Ahmed
or, in one case,
Your Teacher.


When one's attention is pulled again by the patterns and concerns of the present, the letter disappears, as though it never was.

In some cases, by coincidence, one may still encounter Hillevi. If there is a need, or answers that linger.

Perhaps she is at the harbor, waiting, with no ship in sight.
Perhaps she is walking through town, carrying a bundle.

[RP between games is available with her until May game, message me to get something set up, but feel free to post reactions here to balm how VERY BUMMED I was to miss game]

[See you while I Guest ST in May!]
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