May 2018

In character stories from games. This information should be considered OOG for other players.
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May 2018

Post by CountHong » Mon May 07, 2018 7:12 pm

Bring it!
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Re: May 2018

Post by CountHong » Mon May 07, 2018 7:17 pm

Lo, there do I see my father…

We told Druse first. It wasn't a decision made lightly. After months of clouded visions, of trying to find answers and guidance, it was time to leave. I think it started at Wayfarer’s Nest. The weight that rested on me after cleansing the Caern there was daunting, but I pushed through. I didn't notice it at first, but the corruption had taken a small hold. Things became cold when I was touched by it. The pain went away. It was…concerning.

Lo, there do I see my mother and my sisters and brothers…

Every step forward brought brought a step back. We saved Rat and cleansed the lands, then Osprey left us, and the attacks increased. We sought moon pearls to make new pathstones, hoping to repair what had happened. The challenge was daunting, but I would set them on the path before we left. After leading the pack for the theurge spirit, I prepared the Sept, let them know they may all be called upon over the coming markets to help. The philodox challenge, I watched. Forges Peace did well leading it. His conviction to the cause was admirable. He, maybe more than any, wanted to make right for his part in what happened. All showed wisdom and honor, and the second challenge was passed.

Thorunn had returned. My little sister, Song of the Heart. It was fitting she should be there Skald for the galliard spirit challenge. She agreed, though I could see she was worried. Brangwen have her the talk she needed, and though she may have been scared, she did not show it. She listened to the words of her pack mates, and when called on, the words flowed from her as if she had practiced them for hours. I could not have been more proud. This Skald, who came here unaware of our people, of our purpose, who grew as kin and then changed, had become an amazing Garou. It eased my mind, knowing our pack and people would continue to thrive without me here. If only I could have seen what was coming...

Lo, there do I see the line of my people back to the beginning…

Night Whisper wanted to learn, to be my apprentice. After the way he called the winds last market, I already knew that he was ready for more. I set him to task, challenges that would be worthy of a Ritesmaster. Showing his wisdom to seek out and confirm those that were new to the Sept. Choosing several to speak about their patrons and bans, reminding the Sept of things they needed to hear. Creating a fetish for the lunar challenge. He handled all of these with wisdom and honor. He was ready.

Lo, they do call to me…

No. I must have heard wrong when Druse spoke. He turned to me again. “Thorunn is dead.” I stared. This should hurt more. My sister is dead. Why do I not….I finally noticed. The coldness. The lack of pain. Corruption had touched me in the last fight. I knew I should be hurting, in many ways, but it just want there. I needed to be cleaned. I had to feel, to mourn. It's what she deserved. I'm not sure who finally performed the rite. “Gaia, cleanse your child of this taint”. I fell, tears coming forth. The pain in my limbs and my heart taking hold. I knelt in the dirt, remembering the prayer Dendrick had taught us. “Lo, there do I see my father…” I spoke it into the earth, to Gaia. I mourned my sister until Merrick reminded me they were still out there. Mourn later, rage now. We roamed, gathering all we could.

Waiting at the chicken, we had to tell more of her death. Darcie, Camlynn, Evaline, Katya. We all cried. The cold began to creep in. They were still out there. Others were still missing. I did a very stupid thing, but to try and protect the rest and to get vengeance for my sister, I would do it all over again. I still had the banner. It would let me hide, and in the process take the pain away. I could deal with the repercussions later.

They bid me take my place among them in the halls of Valhalla…

Plans fall apart. No one thought they could actually take down Talon, not even Talon. But then he was gone. We killed two, but Green Heron took him. In our arrogance we thought we could take them. But the Wyrm is cunning.

We mourned them at moot. We called the winds and the spirits in their names. Flayer of man told of each of them, and of their last moments. Spirits of the Wyld told us what had become of them. Knows no fear had returned to the cycle, to fight the Wyrm. We expected nothing less. Song of the heart had gone on to the Summer lands. She was with our family now. Sings the Sorrow, Fires Fury, and Stormstrike, were surely embracing her. They would drink and tell stories until the day the rest of us joined them.

Until then little sister.

Where the brave may live forever...
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Re: May 2018

Post by notacentaur » Tue May 08, 2018 5:24 am

She went out on a high.

Just a day earlier, Thorunn Anvindsdottir had returned to the bawn of the Sept of the Iron Wolves, returning from her first great adventure, traveling abroad with her mate, spreading tales of the Sept and of sorrow and of joy. She and Eve had been all over, from Paris to Uppsala, and she was overpouring with stories of ratkin, tainted weaver spirits, absurd veiled politics, missed friends, and a girl she met on a river.

The market was filled with joy and laughter. She had missed her friends, even if the town seemed smaller now, a bit too crowded. Seeing Kellan in his forge and Camlynn’s smiling face. Cara and Naiya, shining love even in the dark. Making Druse and Whistle laugh, petting cats with Katja and Izzy.

Her dear cousins, her beautiful growing family. Siggy was the center of her life, her true touchstone despite them never getting along as children. Ellisif had been the unexpected gift, the cousin returning from the dead, the miracle. Thorunn had been thinking and planning her whole journey to ask Ellie if she’d like to be claimed. She had discussed it with Eve and wanted to help her cousin in whatever way she could, and was so proud of how integral to the sept Ellie seemed to have already become. Then entered Darcie and Reed, new sister and brother. A soon-to-be pack alpha, in fact.

When Reed approached Thorunn about a pack, she knew the lesson from her adventure was right: start a journey and just trust it’ll be the right one. Trust your instinct. Be yourself. You are enough. It was hard for her to internalize, she who believed in everyone but herself. But the confidence Reed placed in her was hard to ignore. As was the way Madchen didn’t hesitate to join up, her loyalty so assumed it put steel in Thorunn’s spine. On top of that, she seemed sure Flayer of Men would join too.

Flayer of Men, Thorunn’s mentor, this large man who she was starting to realize had the other half of her soul. Everything she learned from him, every drop of wisdom he gave her, caused her to bloom. When she asked him for advice before her lunar challenge—her first challenge, she was realizing, her heart beating fast, her brain running rings in her heard—he gripped her shoulders hard and looked her in the eye for several beats. She waited, listening closely. He spoke. “Fuck that shit up.”

And so she did. With the confidence of Murdock, Brongwyn, and Flayer of Men ringing in her heart, Thorunn fucked that shit up. She felt the words flowing out of her just as Brongwyn said they would, like a burp you can’t control. She found the wisdom, the point, the purpose. She lifted each member of her pack up, even the ones she had never met. She knew them in her heart. She could see them as Gaia did, she could see what they needed to get where they needed to be. She could see the importance of the path, of doing what you’re called to. When Kazimir gave her glory and wisdom, when Cara smiled at her, when the spirit said they passed, Thorunn knew she was continuing on the right journey.

It was later then. She had met spirits, spoke confidently, asked questions, told tales. She had helped stop Eli from attacking Talon. She felt useful, she felt like she had things to contribute. She was on a high.

It was in the Umbra at first, and Thorunn was one of the few in the Realm. She held back, waiting for sounds she could clearly hear, cursing herself for not learning how to see across yet. And then it dropped into the Realm and didn’t seem to notice her. She and Flayer of Men rounded the corner and he asked for some inspiration. Thorunn smiled at him, knowing he would be, and so told him, “Be victorious,” before using her skaldic powers to push inspiration into him so he could rage at the attacker. She then ran at the spirit, not stopping even as it threw a curse at Alexander, causing him to turn on Flayer of Men.

She hit it once, twice, but then—where—then it was only pain, fire burning her from all sides as she realized she had run into a trap. There had been two more, one on either side, and she had no time to think before the ground was hitting her, her whole body screaming in pain, her mind afire, her thoughts –gone.

She came to, dazed, as they dragged her. She saw the place she got her name. Ulf had smiled at her, called her Song of the Heart, and she had known it was right. It was the right choice, for the right path. She was a Fenrir. She was a skald. The pinnacle of the tribe, an Elder had told her in Uppsala. For skalds not only told of glory, like galliards do: they make it.

They pulled her past the steps, where she had sat with the kin only a year ago. That last time with her kin family, just a day after she had been forced into crinos, surrounded by smiling faces. Nadia, Camlynn, Cara, Josephine, Siggy—Siggy, Siggy, Siggy, oh Great Father please have mercy, I am not ready for this challenge.

As the spirit touched her, Thorunn remembered the girl she had met on her journey. The girl standing over the rushing water, staring blindly into the rapids, a mad young thing in crinos. The newly shifted cub wasn’t sure she could face the path Gaia gave her, didn’t want the change. She had been readying herself to return to the cycle. To presume she knew better than what her heart actually wanted.

As her bones crumbled, Thorunn remembered sitting on the rotting log next to the other girl, talking calmly but loudly over the sound of the water about her own journey. From just a girl with a father and a farm and a home to a girl with nothing. From a lonely and lost child to suddenly the member of a family larger than she could imagine. From a veiled kinfolk to a crying cub. From a hesitant cub to a proud cliath. From a child to a skald.

As her skin rotted away, Thorunn remembered how the girl slowly sat, slowly relaxed into her homid form, slowly started to cry. She remembered how they embraced and then moved off the river. She remembered how she knew she was on her own right path, helping others on theirs. She knew she was a skald.

As she felt herself unbecome, Thorunn knew she was a story, and Song of the Heart's heart sang.
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Re: May 2018

Post by Harakhty » Tue May 08, 2018 6:13 am

The youthful Gaunt stands at the edge of the nihil and leans over, taking a deep breath. The foul stench of Oblivion burns his nose and he spits in disgust.

If you're too scared to do it, let me do it instead.

Ignoring the voice in his head, he slowing straightens up before circling the festering pit.

You know it's our only option. That thing is driving both of us mad.

His stiff movements are the only signs of his true age. He reaches into his pouch and pulls out an apple.

You know if I do it, they won't destroy us.

He stares at the fruit for a moment before putting it back. Shut up. His appetite was gone.

You know I'm right. Even the Pardoner wants you to do it. Didn't you see her disappointment when you told her Robin had talked you out of it? She's on our side. And I doubt Robin and his Enfant will hold it against you. The only ones you might have to worry about are Bar and Aldo. I'm confident Aldo will let it slide, at least this time.

He takes a deep breath to try to calm himself, but the smell of the nihil only agitates him further. Shut up!

There's really no down side to this. We've pulled it off before. We can do it again.

Shut up! SHUT UP! SHUT UP!

He steps away from the hole and takes several deep breaths. His mind is once again quiet. He lets out an exhausted sigh and returns to the nihil. He leans over and spits in it again.

"I hate Enfants..."
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Re: May 2018

Post by Acethetic » Tue May 08, 2018 10:17 pm

“Oh! Lox was your husband?”

Selena hardly allowed herself to process those words, before her reply slipped out, almost practiced for how many times she had given it this night. "Yes, Lux... is my husband."

Is. He certainly still is. They had already said he was in this town, just away at the moment. There was no way this many people could keep a secret altogether, could they? Lux was definitely here, and there was no way Selena intended on leaving if there was a chance she could see him once more. And if, for some reason he was-

Don't think of that. You are not allowed to. He is not allowed to- Stop it. He is here. You will find him.

She could see it in the uncertain looks that people gave her when she mentioned that she was looking for him, that she hadn't seen him for eight years. They wonder, who am I to care about him that much?

When they struggled for words, she filled it in. "I was told by others that he is away from town right now. I am merely waiting until he returns." I am a liar. Only one person said that, and I jumped on that possibility. I was too scared of what any other truth might be.

That woman nearly said it out loud, only to be silenced from a look behind Selena's back. Why couldn't you have just told me? Why were they protecting me? Did they just not want to be the ones to finally say?

"Ghosts are superstition. Mere folk tales. Stories to frighten children. Why would I waste my time believing in what is not real? I am not like my husband." How did that shield disappear? Why do I recognize that symbol? Are his writings tru-

"Eight years is a long time. He might not be the same Lox you know. He might not want to be with you." How dare you.

"You do understand, people change." Hold your tongue.

"What will you do if he rejects you?" Don't make me think of this. Please. I cannot bear it.

And finally after all of that...

"They really are married!" Yes, of course we are.

"He really is quite useless." How can you say that to my face?

"You know, he is dead. You don't have legally stay married to him." Do you take pleasure in causing this pain?

"My love, don't be reckless." If I can ensure you are protected from those who do you harm, I will do what I must.

God has given me a second chance. I shall not cast it aside.

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Re: May 2018

Post by bex » Wed May 09, 2018 12:14 am


He threatened you - you picked up on it immediately. You were worried enough about it that you warned Eli when he went off alone with him. Why’s that, you think?

That wasn’t a threat, it was a warning.. I think. It wasn’t just you telling me to wait and see. You’re not in control like you think.

Who’s going to notice if I am or not? Your two best bets… hah. One is gone, the other is so distracted now. But you don’t need anyone’s help, right Millie? Just a nice warm forge to calm your nerves.

I’m not the only one worried about things! You don’t get to take credit for real problems.

I’m not interested in credit.

Pff, that’s rich. “Remember all those times I warned you about things that turned out just like I said? Listen to me on this, too” - I learn. Maybe not so clever, but I learn.

You’re missing the point. Things are unstable. Everywhere you think you’re safe, on solid ground, it’s going to start bending, then breaking. You’ve seen the signs; don’t bother denying it.

I won’t just run away. N.. not yet.

You will. We will. You wasted your breath trying to explain - they’ll betray you when it’s convenient. The others will, too. You saw the fight coming. You see the fight coming in your back yard, too. Can’t trust the outpost. Where will you even go, before it’s too late?

... I haven’t thought that far ahead.

Start thinking.

I'm trying... I can't keep just listening. It broke him when I did. And he ran to her instead of us.

It's unstable, like I said. Get ready, and limber up. Not that it will help... it's already too late - you've tied yourself in so tightly. I don't really feel like helping you get out of this mess you've made.

... I don't believe you. I won't let you take something else.

We'll see, won't we?

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Re: May 2018

Post by Julian » Wed May 09, 2018 3:55 pm

How dare you make me stronger, you selfish piece of shit. I didn't want this. You KNEW I didn't want this and you shoved it down my throat just to spite me.

Well fuck you.

Fuck everyone you know.

These people you care so much about? That you sacrifice everything for?

I'm taking them with me. And as soon as I've shown them all despair, we're walking straight into that nihil.

No. YOU'RE walking straight into that nihil. You think you can carry everyone's sins, but you can't even carry your own.

I saw you cuddling the forge like it it was a plank of wood in the middle of the ocean. I know how bad you wanted it.

I know I don't say this often, but you're right. You DO deserve it. Everything you touch turns to ash. Quit before you hurt anybody else.

You can't save any of them.

Just give up already.

Hush, child, take your own advice. You'll never convince me to stop trying.
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Re: May 2018

Post by Phelix86 » Wed May 09, 2018 9:05 pm

Monday morning, after Market, Aaron finds himself on the road to Hartlepool. There, he finds a smith who will sell him some blank iron and lend him time at the forge. With a steady hand, Aaron pounds the iron into shape, forming it into a jar, or a box. It has a lid with a latch. At the Hartlepool market, he buys as many bells as his funds allow, then a dozen brooms, a bag of millet, and dried apples. From there, he goes to the saltern and buys enough salt, fresh from the sea, to fill his iron box.

Once he has it all, he walks into the woods, and begins to work. He buries the object in the salt, inside the iron box. That gets buried in the earth of a grove of Hawthorne trees and sanctifying the grove with his blood and prayers to the Morrigan. Then he builds a ring of stones around the site of the burial. Millet is scattered on the ground. Another ring of stones. Dried apples are placed with care to be tempting and obviously on offer. Another ring of stones. Then a ring of broomsticks tied at the joints with leather. He hangs the bells from the Hawthorne branches and immediately, the grove is filled with the tinkling of the tiny bells. It rings in Aaron's mind like a herd of battle drummers.

As he left the grove, Aaron placed more bells in a wide ring around the grove, creating a maze of sound and light. Around it all, he spoke the words of binding and hiding, and hoped that his protections would be enough.

Tired, he walked back to Seaton Carew, and began to worry about what had happened during Market. How would he keep people from using that blasted portal? How was he going to close it? How was he going to keep this town from killing itself over the many things that come looking for the folk here?


Put one foot in front of the other, then do it again, and again until something stops you. That's how.

Aaron began to sing, quietly to himself, enjoying the breeze and sunshine.
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