Late Check-in deadline is tonight (24Jan) at midnight!

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Late Check-in deadline is tonight (24Jan) at midnight!

Post by bex » Thu Jan 24, 2019 11:56 pm

Late Check-ins
So everyone is aware, Check-in team has an infraction system for no notice late check-ins:
You get one private warning, which gets your name on the infraction list. If you try to check-in late without notice a second time, you will be sent home. This is equivalent to the revocation of privileges as outlined in the infraction policy.

I want to ensure the consequences are clearly outlined for everyone.

How can you avoid having your late check-in privileges revoked? Simply send the check-in team an email at <> with your full name, whether you have pre-paid, and day/time you plan on arriving to ST camp for late check-in!

Please stick to the late check-in hours posted below. This allows us to more easily accommodate your request for late check-in and gets you into game faster; that's a win for everyone :)

Late Check-In hours:
11:30pm - 1am Friday/Saturday of game
8am-12pm Saturday of game

Or fill out the handy form to notify the Check-In team of your late check-in! :: link to form
We must receive notification via email to <> or the form above prior to the Thursday before game at midnight.

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Want to contact Check-In? Please email -->
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