Safety Team Reminder!

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Safety Team Reminder!

Post by Silas » Thu Apr 04, 2019 5:24 am

Sam the Safety Salmon here with a handy reminder announcement!

We broadcast a lot that bathrooms are OOG, but did you know that for those of us that don't sleep in a place with an attached bathroom and are too scared to go out into the night to get to one (because Seaton Carew is a scary town in the dark) you are allowed to go OOG to make the trip? Choosing to hold it out of fear is not just miserable, it can also have health consequences, and having our friends and fellow players getting sick is not something anyone wants (even the things going bump in the night don't want that). Even better, this same policy can apply if you need to retrieve medication that is not on your person, or anything else that you need to do to ensure your personal health and wellbeing. To make it simple, here is a list of Do's & Dont's:

DRINK WATER. If you're not peeing as much as you normally do, you are likely dehydrated. Drink water.
Use the bathroom when you need to, even if it's 3am and you think monsters might be waiting in the dark.
Take your medications. Even if no one can walk you from the Rose to your bunk in Old Town.
Mark yourself as OOG BEFORE you come across anyone/thing. Going out of game can not be used to escape combat or other IG consequences, so it is better for everyone to not even have the appearance of using this policy to do such. Conversely, if you leave the bathroom without an obvious OOG mark, you are fair game to be attacked.
Verbally state you are OOG if you think someone/thing has missed your visual OOG signifier. It's hard to see in the dark. It's hard to see in masks. Assume best intentions.
If you are the person/thing going bump in the night, let the OOG person go to the bathroom. You can catch them later!

Don't force yourself to hold it for hours. Urinary tract infections are utterly miserable and can escalate to kidney infections and sepsis. Seriously, use the bathroom.
Don't suddenly decide you need to pee if you get caught by someone/thing. Honor system guys, please don't abuse this policy.
Don't ignore someone's OOG indications.
Don't flee to the bathroom if combat has started that you don't want to get caught in, even if you're not being targeted yet.

With all that said, if you have any comments or concerns please feel free to bring them up with a member of safety or an XO. If you feel like this policy is being abused, please tell us! Alternately, if someone doesn't lay off if you are OOG on your way to the bathroom also tell us! It's all a balancing act between immersion, fun, rules and safety, and we can't be everywhere at once.

Now, go drink some water.
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Re: Safety Team Reminder!

Post by Talia » Thu Apr 04, 2019 10:46 am

Thank you for this policy clarification!
Safety Team:
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