Is this idea even worth pursuing or not?

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Is this idea even worth pursuing or not?

Post by Vampiredawn » Sat Jun 22, 2019 7:20 pm

One, I live in Monroe and I found this group through doing "Monroe larp" into google. Now I had this idea back in December/January when we (my family and I) were discussing how we could help my sister and her DND friends, who she goes to school at DigiPen with, possibly relieve some stress after finals week. This was when we were taking a vacation to GreatWolf lodge and playing MagiQuest again. While playing my mom and I came up with the thought of using the idea of MagiQuest and its system for doing a roleplaying game using arduinos and the ir control of MagiQuest. The implementation of the ir sensors and controls weren't hard. Our issue came when we approached GreatWolf lodge about doing a LARP there one weekend. They agreed but also brought up some issues with it that I agreed with. From there I went back to the drawing board for the most part. But about that time I got a new job, my life became hectic and issues with how I was going about writing the program lead to my pushing it to the side for a while. This past month I ran into my notes on my computer on this topic and thought about how it could help with LARPing. The only issue I can see is would it be worth it to pursue? should I even work on it?

before I get into it there are a few things I have to say; I have never larped (i have played a small amount of dnd though), the idea may not work for everyone (or even at all). Honestly, if there is any interest ill work towards it slowly. if not ill put the idea into my box and walk away. if people want to contribute that's fine (though it may be hard as I would be doing tons of testing at home due to what it is). also, it will be open to all to use, not a pay to use the thing as I cannot guarantee it will work for everyone's different situation.

now the current idea: tools that keep track and actually pass information between them to help players as well as add a bit more flexibility to the game (as I understand it). it would use an arduino board (dual core as it would need to be able to respond to commands as well as other things in real time, with wifi for updating and such if needed), an sd card to move character sheets around (though some one purposed i look into a 'hub' that the dm or such uses to pass the character sheets so no one cheats or brings in unknown devices to affect the game), LCD or touch screen for selecting items (still theory on the items as it would add complexity from hell to the program), spells or even specific attacks, GPS for exact coordinates, 6 axis accelerometer for swings and direction (includes a compass), buttons for selections on the screen, and a radio system for actual communication (maybe a speaker for sounds and such for stuff like "freeze" or "help" or such...hell could be used by an NPC). the spells and attacks could possibly (thinking out loud per say) be linked to a specific movement of the device (downward slash of a sword vs stabbing it into the ground or a twist of the wand vs a flick of the wand). the GPS and compass are both due to the distance and direction factors of attacks and range of the radio. if someone is attacking with a direct attack but there is another player down range. their device would receive the info on the spell (range, damage, effect) and the coords of the attacker and ignore it (or do what the effect of the spell is from that range. the way to prevent people from just switching out sd cards would have to be a handshake of all the devices done either at the beginning or in the file of the sd card (a little string that is sent with the msgs to verify the spell or effect).

The best part of this system is that you could add a random device on the ground that is an npc or dragon that they could interact with (attack, help, etc). you can incorporate raids this way or add quests and loot. no idea how to do the item system yet though but first things first...thoughts, ideas, comments?

sorry that was so long...

also the github is located here:
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Re: Is this idea even worth pursuing or not?

Post by JaggedJackal » Tue Jun 25, 2019 2:23 am

I think you have some cool ideas here, but not sure if this is really the crowd to be asking. I would suggest the Larp Subreddit instead. There you will have a larger discussion.
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