December 1217

Interesting or fun things heard or said during game. This information is OOG unless your character was present for the conversation. One thread per event.
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Gregory Wyse
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December 1217

Post by Gregory Wyse » Mon Dec 04, 2017 6:02 am

Things heard about town.
Father Malcolm Crawford, Deceased-ish

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Re: December 1217

Post by SeattleSun » Tue Dec 05, 2017 7:44 pm

Everyone in the common room is trying to convince Guimauve that ghosts are real. Issiri in the Skinlands walks in and sits down in a chair and listens for a moment before...
Issiri: "What is going on?"
Someone: "He doesn't believe in ghosts!" (Pointing at Guimauve) "We are trying to...."(I honestly don't recall the exact response.)
Issiri: "Ghosts aren't real."
Most of the room errupts into laughter.
Sarah: (Not knowing Issiri was a ghost) "I've clearly missed something."
Sarah walks into the Tavern after market and is promptly asked, "How do you feel about being turned into a monster and sacrificed on the alter of a man's pride?"
The impending execution of Sir Raoul and his plan had been the topic of discussion off and on for at least the past 15 minutes. Gail walks in.
Gail: "Have you seen Raoul?"
Aaron: "No, but if you find him I need to speak with him. (And something about needing to talk to Gail as well).
Gail: There are other things that need attending. I don't have time. (Gail starts to leave)
Aaron: He is going to be executed in the morning.
Gail performs a hard stop. Aaron now clearly has her full attention for the first time since she walked in.
Gerdur gives Aaron a surprised look. "Oh fuck! You were serious?!"
After a fairly lengthly, vocalized, cross-gauntlet conversation about... I honestly don't recall exactly what, in the Golden Horn common room at sometime after midnight.
"Oh shit, since when were all these people in this room! Why didn't anyone tell me?"
"Well, so much for the vail."
"We are having a high score contest. I have 6."
Having listened to all of the conversation and this I lean over to the person next to me, "So there is only one part of all of that I didn't understand. What's 'vail' mean?"
Approaches Lady Camlynn during market. She had just escorted Lady Camlyn's friend back to her guards and they had found a downed man on the side of the road just outside of Market.
Sarah: "Do you know who the deputies are?"
Lady Camlyn: "No, but I probably should."
Sarah to Person 2: "Do you know who the deputies are?"
Person 2: "No, idea."
Sarah to Person 3: "Do you know who the deputies are?"
Person 3: "No, but they are probably all busy with the Reeve and the Bishop at the Rose. Still I expect any of our good townsfolk will step up if there is a need."
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Re: December 1217

Post by bex » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:46 pm

Alana and Millicent are sitting across from Bishop Wellsley and Old Henry while they have some breakfast. Thankfully, Millicent is between Alana and the Bishop.

Alana: "... I want to take his hat."
Millicent: "No! No... just no."
A: "But it's just so.."
M: "No! You can't. I'll make you one just like it."
A: "Look at it!"
M: "..."
<Bishop and Henry having a serious conversation about various trials>
After a bit of quiet...
A: "I'm gonna get that hat."
M: *hangs head*

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