Boffer Specifications and Creation

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Weapon Checks[edit]

  • All weapons must be checked each game prior to use.
  • Weapons will be checked during the check-in process by Safety, a Head of Staff, Executive Officer, or the Deco Weapon Specialist.

Weapon Specifications[edit]

Boffer Weapons[edit]


  • Fist: 12 in. striking surface
  • Claws: 20-24 in. striking surface
  • Tentacles: 26-30 in. striking surface
  • Maximum length for all weapons: 72 inches

Ranged Weapons[edit]

  • Bow: Max limit 35 lb pull.
  • Arrows: Store bought LARP-safe arrows only (No homemade arrows will be considered).
  • Safety has the final say whether the bow/crossbow is suited for game.

Store bought (manufactured) Latex weapons[edit]

These weapons are acceptable so long as they pass the safety check.

Cloth, Latex, or Duct Tape?[edit]

Most weapons at Shadow Accord are latex weapons. These look nice. Good looking weapons help with immersion, just like good costumes and props.

Cloth covered boffers are primarily used for natural weapons like claws, tentacles, or fists. A basic description of how to build cloth covered boffers is available below.

As with all weapons presented at game, a weapon needs to pass both safety AND aesthetics. Duct tape is an acceptable material provided it can pass both.

Construction materials[edit]


Acceptable core materials:[edit]

  • Composite materials - Kite Spar/Graphite/Carbon fiber/Fiberglass core(graphite/carbon fiber are common materials used in the shaft of a golf club driver. these can be acquire at second hand stores for as little as 5 dollars each and remain acceptable for use as the core of a boffer weapon).

Un-acceptable core materials:[edit]

  • Organic materials - this includes, Wood, Bamboo, Rattan, ect. that can mold and mildew.
  • PVC - On the whole lightweight PVC is too flexible for our standards, while PVC that is rigid enough, is too heavy for our standards.

Closed cell foam:[edit]


  • Latex - for shaped / “bladed” weapons.
    • Latex weapons must be sealed with silicone protectant (some players are allergic to latex).
  • Cloth (Black in color) - Brawl boffers, claws boffers, & tentacle boffers.
    • Claws and tentacles must be black in color with the appropriate white/silver mark.
    • Claws and tentacles can be made of latex; they must still be black in color and carry the correct symbol.
    • Claw and Tentacle symbol examples.


  • Foam must be secured to the core and immobile, either with glue or tape.
  • Tape may be used during construction of the core to cover the tip to prevent it from puncturing foam.
  • Tip must be padded to prevent the core from stabbing through.
  • Latex weapons are recommended to include additional tip security, such as vinyl tubing between the hard core and the foam at the tip.
  • Pommels are required for weapons donated to Shadow Accord.
  • The outer layer of all non-latex boffers must have a cloth covering.

Other Notes[edit]

  • Any member of Staff can remove an item from game if it is determined to be unsafe or very distracting to the immersion of the game. (A rule that has always been apart of Shadow Accord, though rarely used).
  • Additional information on weapons can be found in the rules.