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'The Farm Estate' has been in Mark Bowen's family for five generations, with his wife Natalee Bowen seeing the potential for the rural landscape of Toodyay, Western Australia, to become the perfect backdrop for her glamorous 'Hamptons' vision. 

t's really quite ironic in the kitchen business...All the same reasons we tore out and disposed of kitchens just 40 years ago...worn through, beat up, open joints, crackled cabinets with exposed hinges, thumb latches and magnetic catches are being replicated as fashionable new kitchens!!

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Note that the main kitchen sink is just out of the picture to the left, but I see a pot filler faucet above the 48 commercial style range. Also note the functionally correct choice of a refrigerator...full width and hinged on the right. A side by side is not always the best functional choice refrigeration. I also like the choice of walnut for the extra thick island counter with the heavy roman ogee edge detail. The bar stools match nicely to that island countertop.

The modern day Russia is still coming to terms with the complex legacy left by Stalin - much of which only came to light after the opening of the official state archives in the late '90s. In recent years there have been efforts within Russia to rehabilitate Stalin's public image by opening museums dedicated to his 'achievements', and erecting statues in town squares. Russia, it seems, is collectively yearning for the days of the 'great Stalin' who was the perceived saviour of the nation.

Kirov is best known for If you liked this article so you would like to get more info regarding white kitchen cabinets nicely visit the website. his assassination (probably at the hands of Stalin) in 1934. Stalin may have used Kirov's murder as a pretext for the 'Great Purge' of the Party that followed, during which thousands of his own Party members were imprisoned or killed, as in his zeal to 'root out' those responsible for Kirov's death, Stalin went on a rampage that lasted five years.

Stalin's rise to power began after the Russian Revolution of 1917. In 1922 he was appointed General Secretary of the Socialist Democratic party (the Bolsheviks), and this allowed him to build and consolidate his power in the party, and then eventually to take over from Lenin after Lenin's death in 1924.

Be aware that when a certain look in kitchen cabinets becomes popular at the upper end, it's only a matter of time before a cheap stock version shows up. That is happening right now with some imported Chinese knock-offs with very American sounding names. Look closely at how tight the door fits within the frame. If that reveal is more than 1/16", you will not be happy with the cabinets...construction or aesthetics. Brookhaven (by Woodmode) is hands down the best value for American made inset cabinetry. If you'd like more details on all that, contact me from the info on my profile page. I have the pricing on various brands to share. Otherwise be very careful with 'never heard of' products out there.

Stalin publicly and privately mourned the death of his wife, and never really recovered from it. If it was possible for him to become more heartless and ruthless after her death, that is what he became.

An hour's drive from Perth, Toodyay is a small town in the Wheatbelt region of the state and is part of the stunning Avon Valley which has a population of just 4,439 people stretched over 1,683 kilometres.  

Beria developed a fascination for state security work from very early on in his life, and was hired to work for the Azerbaijan security forces before he even finished studying. As soon as the Cheka (the earliest Bolshevik secret police) was formed, Beria joined it, in the early 1920s. By 1922 Beria was deputy head of the Georgian branch of the Bolshevik secret police. He led the brutal repression of the Georgian nationalist uprising, and it was probably during this period that he honed many of his brutal skills as a state executioner.

Property Brothers: What he didn't tell her was that he teamed up with Drew and Jonathan Scott, a.k.a. The Property Brothers, to turn this outdated condo into a modern 'forever home' in just five short weeks

Jonathan adds he knows his stuff and half the stuff from the design were his ideas, as Jeremy jokes Jonathan has maybe a good eye but he's lazy, before adding he's a good guy and he's 'crushing' the renovation as they go to commercial.

Simply put, the doors and the drawer fronts are flush with the frame of the cabinet...see what I mean? Very often this style option is not so immediately apparent when featured in a whole kitchen. Other aesthetics tend to grab your eye first. It is actually a subtle detail but hugely effective to replicate vintage kitchens or 'old world' kitchens.

Stalin was married twice in his lifetime. The first of these marriages was to a pretty young Georgian seamstress named Ekaterina ('Kato') Svanidze. Stalin met Kato through a friend and fellow revolutionary - Alexander Svanidze, who introduced Stalin to his sister Kato. The two married in 1906