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Shadow Accord Departments[edit]

The departments which run the whole of the NWLarpers organization, and keep the Shadow Accord game going, serve very specific purposes. Below is a general description of each department, their primary email address, and their main forum or important links. If you have a question for one of them, feel free to send them an email or even consider creating a thread in one of the social networking groups listed at the bottom of this page. The community is pretty open to helping out.

Character Guides (CGs)[edit]

The Character Guides help players create and develop new characters. All characters must be vetted by the Character Guides before it can be played at event or in forum RP. This should be done by emailing them your character concept before event. This is not to restrict concepts, but to ensure that they fit within the setting of the game and will ultimately be enjoyable for you to play.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Characters that are of a Tier Restricted sub-faction MUST be approved prior to Friday of Event. No exceptions.


Forum: Character Guides (Public)

Check-In Team[edit]

The Check-In Team manages the logistics for the game by checking all players in at the beginning of event, tracking XP earned and spent, issuing tags and IG coin, and after event tracking IG powers/skills Teaching and Awards Voting. Check-In is open from 6 pm to 11 pm on Friday of event.

NOTE: If you are arriving after Check-In closes Friday night, or any other time throughout an event weekend, you must contact Check-In ahead of time.


Forum: Check-in (Main Forum)
Important Links: Event Registration & List


Deco Team[edit]

Deco Team's job is to coordinate the setup and take down of site org Deco, manage the Storyteller garb, weapons and props, and to post and accept requested donations.


Forum: Deco Team (Main Forum)

Executive Officers (XOs)[edit]

The Executive Officers serve as the arbiters of the NWLarpers organization. They manage Game site details, arbitrate disputes, manage the Heads of Staff, and are generally act as representatives for the Playership's interests in the Organization.



Rules Team[edit]

The Rules Team's purpose is to create, maintain, and clarify the rules system for the game.


Forum: Rules Team (Main Forum)

Safety Team[edit]

Safety Team's role is to ensure that departments can coordinate in the event of an emergency on site, provide limited first aid and assistance, and to investigate and address safety hazards at camp. Note that this team's job is not to be parametric or to issue medications - but they can help with minor issues and to call paramedics for worse situations.

If there is a Safety situation or injury on site, please find a member of that team or another Staff member immediately and report it.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In a "Stand Down!" situation, they are the ONLY individuals permitted to call "Lay-on!" once the Safety concern is resolved.


Forum: Safety Team (Main Forum)
Important Links:


Storytellers (STs)[edit]

The primary goal of the Storytelling Team at Shadow Accord is to help maximize immersion and world-story consistency through maintenance of a Dark Ages, World of Darkness-styled atmosphere.

Their purpose is to represent the world outside of the IG space by running Plots and NPCs, which helps to enrich gameplay by presenting risks, rewards, and challenges.

NOTE: As a rule, Storytellers are not permitted to interact with PC back-stories. Any request for a character review should be directed to the Character Guides.


Forum: Storytellers (Main Forum)
Important Links:


Tech Team[edit]

The tech team maintain the Website, Forums, Wiki, Gallery, organization's emails and Cloud storage, among other various projects necessary to keep the organization up-to-date and functioning properly. The Tech team also pilots various projects to try to help improve different aspects of the game and a LARPing organization in the 21st century.


Forum: Technical Issues Forum


The Treasurer's job is to manage the organization's finances. The Treasurer or one of their representatives is always present at the beginning of each event, at Check-In, to collect the Event fees or to verify that people have pre-paid.



The Shadow Accord Facebook group is a private community operated by Players. New members are always welcome.


The Shadow Accord G+ Community is a closed group operated by Players. New members are always welcome.