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In times before, Fera was a term used to identify all the various breeds of the animal changers. However after the War of Rage, the usage of Fera is commonly used to indicate any shape shifting animal who is not Garou. The Garou have their own assumptions about the Fera, some muddled with time and legend. Like the Garou who are the Warriors of Gaia, each of the Fera have a different purpose. All the surviving Fera have changed because of the War of Rage. Some for the better...some not. The Children of Gaia, Silent Striders, and Red Talons generally have the most cordial relations with the Fera.

Player Character Fera[edit]

These Fera are available as Player Characters. Detailed information is found in Dark Ages Werewolf by White Wolf Publishing, Inc.

  • Ananasi - Werespiders, Feared Servants of their Queen
  • Bastet - Werecats, Eyes of Gaia
  • Corax - Ravens, Gaia's Messengers and Scouts
  • Ratkin - Rats, The Cullers of Gaia

Rare or Extinct Fera Tribes[edit]

These Fera are not available for play, but the Garou MAY have heard of them by name only.

Spirits and the Fera[edit]

Fera Totems

Full Totem List


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