Folklore and Superstition

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A World of Superstition[edit]

There have been stories about all sorts of demons and ghosts and monsters that roam the night murdering sinners and unruly children. Of course, the best way to protect yourself against Satan's minions is through prayer and virtuous living.


  • Cannot cross running water.
  • Cannot enter a dwelling without being invited.
  • Cannot enter a church or walk on consecrated ground.
  • Can be repelled by garlic, crosses and mirrors.
  • Must sleep in coffins.
  • Have no reflections.
  • Can be trapped if buried at a crossroads.
  • Can change into wolves, bats, fog and control the weather.
  • Humans will become vampires if bitten and not killed.


  • Forced to change to a wolf during the full moon or when exposed to wolfsbane.
  • Have a “unibrow”.
  • Have excessive hair or a pentagram engraved in their palm.
  • Humans will become a werewolf if bitten and not killed.
  • Will burn if silver touches their skin.
  • Have violent tempers.
  • Can only come out at night to eat children and corpses.


  • Humans become ghosts if they were not prayed for when they died or if they were killed unjustly or violently.
  • Feed on living souls.
  • Haunt where they died or are buried.
  • Seek revenge on the living.
  • Can be laid to rest by giving the ghosts body a proper burial.
  • Can be trapped in a mirror.
  • Cannot enter a church.


  • There is the arts of herb and hearth, but witches have sold their souls to Satan for black magic.
  • Can turn anyone or themselves into a toad, bat, or black cat.
  • Can curse anyone who angers them.
  • Can kill with one look of their Evil Eye.
  • Can fly on brooms.
  • Like to eat children.
  • Usually come out at night.