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Werewolf Tribes[edit]

The following are the known (and playable at creation) tribes of Garou:

Black Furies - Female warriors of Greek tradition and origin.

Bone Gnawers - Vagrants that fight and live in the gutters.

Children of Gaia - Peacemakers and healers of the Garou nation.

Fenrir - Fearless berserkers that follow the ways of their Viking ancestors.

Fianna - Mystics, bards and drunken brawlers of Celtic decent.

Red Talons - Savage wolves that fight the Weaver as much as the Wyrm.

Shadow Lords - Nobles that are as dangerous with words as they are their claws.

Silent Striders - Travelers and messengers cast out from their home of Egypt.

Silver Fangs - Kings and leaders of the Garou nation.

Warders Of Man - Protectors and promoters of humanity’s growth.

Player's Guide on Becoming a Garou

Garou Rank

Werewolves earn ranks through their deeds and renown and a shifter’s basic standing within their pack and sept comes down to Rank. A Talesinger is very important for collecting news of the Sept's deeds.

The Litany of the Garou

Notable Differences between Dark Ages Werewolf and Modern Werewolf[edit]

The White Howler tribe fell to the Wyrm only 200 years ago. Their totem spirit was Lion. They became the Black Spiral Dancer tribe. Most of the Garou nation, at this point in history, do not believe that the Black Spiral Dancers are a significant threat, and not considered a tribe at all by most of the Garou nation. However, because of Ushaw Moor’s location, the residents of deal with a lot more Black Spiral Dancers than the rest of the Garou Nation.

While there is still a lot of conflict, Silver Fangs and Shadow Lords work together, and the Shadow Lords willingly and happily follow the Silver Fangs, doing the things that are better left unseen. Shadow Lords will test the leadership (and hold themselves responsible to do so) in order to keep the leadership strong, and this is appreciated by the Silver Fang, as it gives them a chance to show their superiority. The bottom line is that they work together – most of the time, anyway.

The Silver Fangs are not yet as obsessed with ‘true-breeding’ and are not inbred significantly more than any other tribe at this point. The native English Silver Fangs have begun obsession earlier than the rest of their tribe. The Fianna and Fenrir tribes happily consider themselves the foot-soldiers of the Garou Nation and still believe that the Silver Fangs are supposed to be the ones leading. They will desire a Silver Fang as a leader and believe in their ‘right to rule’ – that is it more or less their destiny, whether they like it or not. Other tribes believe this too, but, the Fianna and Fenrir simply take this as a given.

Most Garou do not feel that the ‘War Of Rage’ was a bad thing. In a society where ‘might makes right,’ the Garou feel that what they took in the war was justified – after all – if they couldn’t defend it, then they weren’t worthy of it. This viewpoint is particularly popular among the Silver Fang and Fenrir tribes. The tone in Ushaw Moor is decidedly different, and much closer to the Sept’s founder and Tribal viewpoint of The Children of Gaia (A tribe that did not participate in the War of Rage). The Sept in Ushaw Moor tends to attract more Garou that share an Anti-War-Of-Rage viewpoint, but not all Garou that go to this Sept feel repentant about the War of Rage.

The Glass Walkers go by the name ‘Warders of Man’ but much of their core philosophy is the same. This tribe changes their name and tribal glyph every few hundred years.

If you want to play a Black Spiral Dancer, you’ll have to figure out how to do that in game. Certain tribes are unavailable for play – No Wendigo, No Uktena (because the Americas had not yet been discovered, and the game takes place in Northern England). And, of course - No Croatan, No Bunyip, and No White Howlers.

The Black Furies and Fenrir hate each other – because some things never change.