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Only about 1 in 10 children born to a were-animal parent actually become a were-animal. The rest spend their lives as ‘regular’ humans. They are immune to Delirium and are mates to shifters because of their increased chance of breeding full shifters. Some have gifts as well, while others may never manifest anything at all. Kinfolk are valuable to were-animals, though their treatment varies by Tribe, making Kinfolk allies or enemies. A Kinfolk with gifts will never shift into full were-creatures. However, there are also Kinfolk with no gifts. Some of those end up going through a first change.

Some don't have gifts, never shift, but are still related to a shifter. It can be hard to get recognized as family without gifts or shifting.

Tribal Outlooks[edit]

Each tribe has different views on what it means to be a kinfolk.

Black Furies[edit]

Black Furies treat their kin well and see them as family, as a part of the tribes community. Contrary to popular belief, the tribe of “Amazon Warriors” does have male kin. Their male kin may not be allowed access to all of the Tribes secrets or scared places, but they do help, support and fight along with their female counter parts. The Furies human and wolf kin are both equally important to their tribe as well as equally chosen as worthy mates. It is also not uncommon for Furies to find love matches amongst their kin. While they may seem to be man haters, they are not and their beliefs are often misunderstood or misrepresented. Their kin are treated as an equal and expected to up hold the beliefs and teaching of Pegasus just like any Garou would. The male kin are raised to respect women, all women.

Bone Gnawers[edit]

Bone Gnawers don’t really see a difference between Garou and kin, they believe they are all family and serve Gaia equally. Their relationships are often not of the typical kind, many share and do not lay claim on one person. Their family structures are often polygamous in nature. The Garou rely on their kin for gossip and news from the various cities and towns that the live.

Children of Gaia[edit]

Children of Gaia (CoGs) love, respect, and honor their kin. Their kin is one of the most important parts of their tribe. They out of all the tribes truly believe that we are all Gaia’s children. While the tribe does not have many wolf kin, their human kin numbers are one of the highest among all the tribes, because of this they have a great resource network through their kinfolk. It has even been said that the CoGs have found a way for humans that are not kin to become kin. For they believe it is your spirit and what is in your heart that makes you kin, not just your blood. It is not out of the ordinary to find their kin in positions of leadership.


For the Fianna their kin is their family. And Family and their Ancestors are among one of the most important things to this tribe. They are passionate people, so it goes without saying that they live and love their kin with great passion. While it may be rare for a kin to hold a position of great power they can easily be found fighting right next to their Garou cousins. Fianna kinfolk are fierce, proud, and loyal to their Garou cousins and their heritage.


Fenrir kin are some of the most stalwart and toughest kin one could ever meet. Their tribe sticks close to their Norse heritage and ways. Fenrir kin are pushed to be the best that they can be by their Garou counter parts; they are often treated with a rough hand. The Fenrir believe that by doing so builds their kin's strength and sets them apart. It should also be said that their female kin while are valuable to them, are not treated as true equals. It has been noted that there are some that find themselves harassed and abused by the males of the tribe on occasion.

Warder’s of Man[edit]

Warder kin are well cared for by their Garou, in much the same ways as the Children of Gaia care for their kin. The Warder’s believe that the future lies with the humans and the weaver and see it as their duty to protect them. It is not unexpected to find many well networked kin in towns and large cities. It is quite common to find warder kin that serve in positions of power with in human society, which greatly adds the Garou kin in their duties to Gaia and Cockroach.

Red Talons[edit]

Red Talon kin are only wolves. If a human kin happens to be born it is usually killed, if not, it may be given to another tribe to be raised as their own. The Talons protect their kinfolk with a great ferocity.

Shadow Lords[edit]

In a world of shadows and secrets, being kin is not always safe or healthy. Shadow Lord kin are not treated as equals. The Shadow Lords see their kin as lesser beings to the Garou. Their job is to serve their Garou cousins in whatever capacity they are need in. Often times their kin may be faced with cruel and harsh hand from them.

Silent Striders[edit]

The Silent Striders do not have a large number of kin like most of the other tribes do. To make things more complicated their kin are scattered across Europe and the Near and Far East. Most Strider kin live among nomadic and transient cultures, such as the Bedouins and Romany folk. Striders also encounter Kin of other tribes through their travels and at times they adopt them for a night or two. Such encounters often lead to more Kin that go unknown or kept track of.

Silver Fangs[edit]

Silver Fangs consider their kinfolk to be the best of the best. It is not uncommon for the Silver Fangs to seek out kin from other tribes, if they show promise and have exceptional linage. Most if not all are descended from nobility and leaders throughout our history. Their kin can trace their heritage back to kings, princes, rajahs, archbishops and even back to great Clan Chiefs and Warlords. The Silver Fangs rule nations and kingdoms through their Kin. Their kin are expected to have exceptional composure and decorum.