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Dark Ages: Mage[edit]

The world is full of powers unseen. Some say it is the power of God that brings forth life and judgment to the darkness. Some say it is Gods much older, or the power of the blood in each creature who walks their way through the mysteries. Whatever it is, every man, woman and child in 1206 is aware, at some level, that they are trapped within a mystery and the circumstances of their world remain beyond their ken. For most, this is a good thing.

Since the beginning of history, mankind has sought the power to bend the universe to their will. To become extraordinary and powerful. There are few, who have the strength of will and the debatable luck to be Magus.

The road to power involves years of devotion, study and toil. Even then, if they do not begin with a certain...spark, all of their studies are for naught. Even among wizards, the way that one is chosen for magic is under much debate.

The superstitions of the common man can aid magic. Some Mages find that using the local lore in their magics make them more effective. There are many things to fear at night, and just as many theories their sources. Paradox is a thing of the future, but suspicion and envy of one that seems extraordinary can be enough to kill a Mage in these suspicious times.

To be a Magus involves it's own risk: a wrong word, a slip of concentration and there's just another mysteriously dead man alone in the woods somewhere. The Mythic Age is ending and the world's magic wanes with it. For the most parts, a successful (ie: not dead) Mage sticks to bending the laws of the Universe, rather than breaking them completely.

Mystic Fellowships

Note: Mages are not an openly available Player group. For more information, please see the Dark Ages Mage Book. The modern book, Mage: The Ascension, is EXTREMELY different.