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Humans are the basis of every creature in the World of Darkness and the most difficult to play in a world dominated by the supernatural. All rely on humans in some way. Vampires drink their blood, werewolves are born from them, and humans desired objects of life for a wraith. Thus they are used as tools and pawns in a never-ending struggle for survival. Amazingly many humans have no idea that monsters live among them as the supernatural strive to maintain the secrecy of their existence so that humans may live their lives in blissful ignorance.

Life in Medieval Europe[edit]

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During this period monarchs and religious leaders lead nations and causes that changed the landscape of what was considered the world. The vast majority of the population were serfs and peasants under the charge of various nobles or ordained royalty.

In most 'modern' countries at the time, the entirety of each nation is lead by a King. The King owns all land, cities, and armies of their nation. Under the King are various Lords and Nobles who are given charge of counties and territories and maintain the King's interests in those regions.

The major cities of the world are crowded and dirty. Poverty is, literally and figuratively, crippling.

Outside of the major cities are various townships whose primary function is to support the larger towns by managing herds, crops, and mining.

Mortal History

The King's Laws


History of England (comprehensive)

The Power of the King

Folklore and Superstition

Clothing and Garb in the Middle Ages

Religions of Europe and The Church

Durham County, England

The Kingdom of Alba (Scotland)

Other Canon Cities