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A road is not just a personal philosophy, it's the weapon of the Damned to keep themselves from falling to their Beast and becoming monsters in truth. If you intend to play someone who is experience with their road, we HIGHLY suggest you pick up the White Wolf guide to the road. If you're an inexperienced Vampire, you may want to learn the finer details of your road in game. Just know that a Cainite who seems unstable on their road will be viewed with some suspicion.

A Cainite Road (or Via) is a philosophical path offering its follower a method to control the Beast. Complete descriptions of Roads are found in Dark Ages Vampire and Dark Ages Companion. Roads are for role-play and switching does not cost XP, but does require a teacher to sign your character sheet. You can follow only one Road at a time.

Road of the Beast

Road of Blood

Road of Bones

Road of Heaven

Road of Humanity

Road of Kings

Road of Metamorphosis

Road of Night

Road of Paradox

Road of the Serpent

Road of Sin