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Shadow Accord is a fairly complex game and has an extensive set of rules for how everything works together. This page is intended to help make the various rules more accessible to players.

Game Rules[edit]

The Game Rules dictates how the game itself is played; what powers, abilities, and interactions each character must abide by In-Game. Players should be familiar with these Rules and should especially make a point of understanding the Rules that cover their own character's abilities. It is each player's responsibility to learn and abide by the rules of the game. Rules questions can always be asked in the Rules Forum.


Version Rulebook (PDF) Character Sheet Note/Additional
v2.1.0 - 2015
SA Player Rules (Official) SA Character Sheet SA Rules Changelist - 2015 Update
v2.0.0 - 2013


SA Player Rules (Official)

SA Player Rules (Unofficial)

(Same as above) Addendum and Errata Updates

The only difference between the Official and Unofficial is format, and the Unofficial incorporates the Addendum and Errata.

Item Notes
Recent Rulings & Clarifications This document is regularly maintained by the Rules Team to log any rules clarifications needing to be made.
Item Tag This tag is free to use for any player. Please respect the setting and only provide reasonable item names.


DEPRECATED / SUPERSEDED - Will be updated to SA 2015 rule-set shortly.

Version Rulebook (Wiki)
v2.0 - 2013

(+ Addendum and Errata)

Core Rules

Character Creation

Merits and Skills






NOTE: When in contestation, the Official Rulebook along with any Addendum or Clarifications from the Rules Team trumps the Wiki.

Site Rules[edit]

These rules cover the Out of Game behavior and restrictions at the camp before, during, and after event. As individual players and an organization we are guests on the camp site. Always excise good judgement.

Site Rules
General Site Rules NWLarpers Site Rules Driving at Site Heater Usage

Forum Rules[edit]

These rules explain the expectations of all Players and Staff who interact on the Shadow Accord Forums.

Forum Rules
General Forum Rules Roleplay Forum Rules

Organizational Rules[edit]

These rules dictate how Northwest Larpers is ran as an Organization. It covers the Mission Statement, Core Values, Rules for Staff, how investigations are conducted, how infractions are tracked, and the Ban appeal process.

NOTE: It is unnecessary to know the Organizational Rules in order to play the game, but it is advised that you read over them if you are considering joining Staff.

Organizational Rules
Mission Statement Core Values

Organizational Rules for Staff

Investigation Process Infractions List Ban Appeal Process