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Shadow Accord is a medieval Live Action Roleplaying Game (LARP) ran by Northwest Larpers. The game is based on the tabletop roleplaying games known as the Classic World of Darkness, and takes place specifically within the Dark Ages setting of those games. The game is characterized as a Boffer LARP, consisting of "What you see is what you get" (WYSIWYG) interactions, with a primary focus on maintaining immersion throughout each event.

Shadow Accord events are held every 2-3 months (commonly 6 times a year) at Soundview Camp and Retreat, often times with a long break during the summertime. Events are 3 days long, normally beginning at 8:00pm Friday and lasting until 2:00pm Sunday. All actions during that 42 hour period, including sleeping and eating, are done in character. The Check-In/Logistical period is performed at the beginning of each game, and players may not enter game until they have done so for that event.

Given the mature themes and concepts, Shadow Accord is an 18 years old and over game. Everyone who attends must play a character; spectators and filming are not allowed.


Shadow Accord takes place in a small medieval village in the County Palatine of Durham England named Seaton Carew. The game itself is actually an amalgamation of several independent World of Darkness story lines: Vampire, Werewolf, Wraith, Mage (Sorcerers), and historical reenactment (Human). The supernatural beings within the world hide their true natures and abilities for protection, and each work to maintain their appearances in the eyes of the far more populace and fearful humans.

Generally, the World of Darkness is larger and darker than that of the real world. The cities are more crowded, crime and corruption are common, and even those perceived as heroes have dark sides and ulterior motives. Happy endings are rare and the potential for evil lurks within the hearts of all.


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As with it's source materials, Shadow Accord can be generally defined as:

  • Gothic Punk
  • Supernatural horror
  • Dark mystery
  • Film Noir
  • Medieval

It's important to note that in addition to these listed above, each faction have their own unique themes which set them apart.

Time Period[edit]

The game always takes place 800 years in the past, meaning the present date In-Game is Monday, December 10, {{#expr:2018-800}}; during an era we now call the High Middle Ages.


In Game[edit]

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An IG map of the region with Seaton Carew in the center.

See also: Seaton Carew

The village of Seaton Carew is nestled on the hills overlooking the confluence of the North Sea and the River Tees, in the southeastern portion of Durham County, England. The game consists entirely within the confines of Seaton Carew, with Storytellers managing the overall world outside of the In-Game space.

About 4 miles or so north along the coast is the large port town of Hartlepool, the second most important port in the County and an important travel route into the north of England by ship. About 7 miles to the southwest, across the River Tees and in Yorkshire County is the town of Middlesbrough - a pilgrimage site.

Out of Game[edit]

Shadow Accord is held at Soundview Camp and Retreat, a Presbyterian camp. The site itself is located on several terrace-like hills. There are 3 large community buildings, 4 small individually heated cabins, 5 non-heated cabins, and 8 large permanent tents. There are a number of paths throughout the camp, the most major of which are lit. At the bottom of the hill is a beach.


Mortal Tears (2004 - 2009)[edit]

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The Mortal Tears logo

In 2004, Natalya Haner and Dave Altenburg formed Mortal Tears which was the direct predecessor to Shadow Accord. The game was created as an alternative to the high fantasy genre, namely Legacies and Nero (Alliance Seattle), which at the time dominated the Pacific northwest boffer LARP scene. It boasted a comparatively simple rules set and was centered on maintaining immersion within the In-Game world; a tradition which continues today in various other games - including Shadow Accord.

The Game of Mortal Tears centered on the small English town of Ushaw Moor. Events were held at Camp Brinkley (now known as Camp Edward). The first event took place Friday October 15th - Sunday October 17th, 2004 with between 15-30 participants. The event was a success, and others followed.

As time went on Mortal Tears began to gain in popularity, attracting a wide and diverse crowd of people. Rules updates were commonly made on a yearly basis. The organization eventually formed a Deco Team, one of the first organizations in the area to do so, whose job it was to decorate public In-Game buildings.

In 2009, Natalya Haner decided it was time to end Mortal Tears. The last event took place Friday December 11th - Sunday December 13th, 2009. In all, the game ran for 32 events.

Transition (2009)[edit]

Upon being informed of the Owner's intention to end the game, a small coalition of Mortal Tears players came together and decided to form a separate organization (Northwest Larpers) and game (Shadow Accord) in order to continue the Narrative of Mortal Tears. A steering committee was formed. The fledgling organization elected department heads and began the process of setting up a new LARP.

Shadow Accord (2010 - Present)[edit]

Shadow Accord was formed in 2010 and continued the Narrative of Ushaw Moor. Characters and world plot remained largely the same, with a conversion to a new rules set. The first event of Shadow Accord took place Friday January 15th - Sunday January 17th, 2010.

End of Ushaw Moor (Site change)[edit]

In 2013, Camp Brinkley informed the organization that their site would be closing down for renovations for a year. The intent of the renovations was to remove some of the camping amenities and rustic qualities of the site. As a result the organization decided to move locations. Northwest Larpers was formed in to a Non-profit organization, and a new Site was selected: Soundview Camp and Retreat in Longbranch Washington.

In June of 2013 the last event at Camp Brinkley took place. In Game, the town of Ushaw Moor was utterly destroyed and the survivors were later invited to the coastal village of Seaton Carew which became the new location of the game's narrative.