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A Sorcerer is a Commoner who practices Magic. Not to be confused with a Pillar Mage, Sorcerers have learned to harness some magical power through discipline or faith, rather than innate power. They have power because they work hard and believe hard. On the other hand, a Mage with an awakened Avatar makes things change because he has power already and just happens to believe something. Mages are not generally available for play.

The origins of a Sorcerer's power is a mystery. Some sorcerers consider their power a divine gift; they make it their goal to use their magic in the service of God. Others believe they have tapped into some small portion of a Pillar Mage's power, following the traditions of the Messianic Voices, Old Faith, Order of Hermes or another Mage Fellowship. The link they have in common is the belief that their power is granted from some source of which the practitioner has absolute faith. This, it is said, is the focus of their power.

Practicing any form of magic in open view can be dangerous. It can attract supernatural creatures, the attention of the Church, or charges of witchcraft.

Knowing the King's Law is important as magic use is allowed as long as it does not harm or kill. These uses of power are often considered some form of alchemy or herbalism mixed with simple sleight-of-hand tricks, and not true witchcraft. Using magic, (even of the parlor-trick variety) upon others without consent, however, can often result in serious fines or worse.

So you want to become a Sorcerer?

Sorcerer Paths

A sorcerer’s education takes them down various paths of power. These aren't the same as mystic fellowships, but they emphasize a particular theme sorcerer has in his studies.

The common paths are: Animal, Body, Curse, Healer, Perception, Mind, Patterns, Protection, Spirit, and Warrior. Each sorcerer has a very personal way of working these powers, but the paths should be reflective of what manner of person the Sorcerer is. For example, someone who believes their gifts come from the Christian God may have powers from Healer, Perception, and Protection. Someone who has learned sorcery because he wishes to dominate and harm those who would oppose him might have Curse, Body, and Mind.

Additionally, Sorcerers with training from a Mage Fellowship can learn the Sorcerer tree associated with that Fellowship.

The powers available for each path are in the Rule Book.