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Gaian Totems[edit]


Totem of the Silver Fang tribe

Falcon, a totem of Respect, represents the kind of respect that comes from nobility of deed and honorable accord. Falcon is highly respected among totems - his word simply is final, even among totems – and he would never abuse this privilege. Falcon is typically not often wordy or much of a conversationalist; he is a totem for leaders and a leader in his own right – a true leader needs few words and rarely gives explanations.

Ban: A follower of Falcon must abide by a strict code of honor at all times.

Grandfather Thunder[edit]

Totem of the Shadow Lord tribe.

Grandfather Thunder, a totem of Respect, represents the kind of respect that comes from power and fear. Grandfather Thunder will never appear himself, instead sending one of his Stormcrows to tend his children. Grandfather Thunder’s methods often display an ‘Ends justify the means’ philosophy, and he constantly tests his children. Those who are worthy stand to learn much in the way of subtlety, strategy, and patience – those who are not worthy are discarded.

Ban: A follower of Grandfather Thunder may never show respect for the weak.


Totem of the Black Fury tribe

Pegasus, a totem of Respect, represents the kind of respect that comes from discipline and sacred duty. Pegasus tasks his (yes, his) followers to protect the sacred Wyld places of Gaia, and they make a point of pride in taking this duty more seriously than any other Garou around them. Pegasus is also a protector of the weak – but he does not coddle – instead, he has his children teach the weak to be strong. Pegasus often takes a female form. It is widely known that there is a long-standing rivalry between Pegasus and Fenrir.

Ban: A follower of Pegasus must aid females of any natural species as long as this does not help the Tainted. This aid is not always protection nor is it always kind; it can come in the form of teaching the weak to become strong.


Totem of the Fianna tribe

Stag, a totem of Respect, represents the kind of respect that comes from family and tradition. Stag is also, not surprisingly, a strong representation of the Wyld and a symbol of virility. In the British Isles, Stag is widely followed, so in the Isles he is both particularly powerful – and particularly busy. Stag will often send his brood spirits in his place (For example: Grain – a spirit of harvest and revelry, Doe – a spirit of innocence and mercy, and Black Stag – a Spirit of Revenge and Anger, to name a few). The Fianna tribe owes much to the Fey, and Stag, as their representative totem, bids that his followers do what they can to repay their ancient debt of friendship.

Ban: A follower of Stag must help the Fey and their kin, provided that it does not help the Tainted.

Great Fenris[edit]

Totem of the Fenrir tribe

Fenris, a totem of War, represents fearlessness and the warrior way. Not unsurprisingly Fenris loves combat, challenges, battle, strategy - and tales of glory. Fenris’ followers honor him by trying to be as strong and as bloodthirsty as he is. Fenris wishes his followers to show no quarter - and those that please him can expect to learn much of strategy and how to be a better warrior. Pleasing Fenris is, however, more about spirit and attitude than actual strength (not that actual strength isn’t also important) – the brave can be taught how to be stronger, and those who are not brave… are not worth Fenris’ notice at all. It is widely known that there is a long standing rivalry between Fenris and Pegasus.

Ban: A follower of Great Fenris may never pass up an opportunity to fight.


Totem of the Red Talon tribe

Griffin, a totem of War, represents primal strength and savage fury; Griffin patrols and protects the Wyld places untouched by humans and the Weaver they bring with them. Griffin hates humans and attempts to keep human ‘progress’ from spreading further into the wilderness. He believes in the forceful control of human populations through violence, as that is the way of the Wild. The strong are the predators; the weak are the prey. Griffin never accepts a homid-born as a follower – or anyone born of the Warder of Man tribe, either. He teaches his followers the true ways of the Wyld and encourages them to also teach these ways – by force if necessary.

Ban: A follower of Griffin may never show respect to humans and Homid-born Garou.


Defeated Totem of the White Howlers before they fell

With his command of respect, code of tradition, and sorrow filled history; Lion is but a shadow of his former glory and power. For the most part the wider world believes him to have fallen prey to Whipporwhil and he has not appeared abroad since his chosen children were corrupted and deformed in to the Black Spiral Dancers. Despite this conception, it is alternatively believed by some that what remains of the Lion Respect Totem of the White Howlers is now beta to Griffin and remains pure under his protection. Silver Fangs, Red Talons and Fianna favor and deeply respect Lion and some have even chosen him as a patron. Fenrir, however, distrust him.

Ban: Those who wish to honor him protect helpless non-Tainted creatures of any species from danger, and show Gaian-turned-Wyrm Minion no mercy.


Totem of the Bone Gnawer tribe Totem of the Ratkin Fera

Rat, a totem of War, represents the Wyld in its rawest, most unpretentious form. Her children fight from the shadows and squalor with cunning and above all else - survival. Rat is a particularly powerful totem (consider how important Rats are in the dark ages) and has several aspects. Some believe that the most commonly known aspect, Mother Rat, may have been driven to madness by the War of Rage; following her advice to the letter may not always a good idea. Others suggest that it is a ruse; she expects cunning from her children and fierce practicality; wanting her followers to think like rats, not like sheep. Getting the job done and protecting family will gain her favor - regardless of methods. Some Bone Gnawers that follow Mother Rat remember her old incarnation as a protector of those at the "bottom of the barrel".

Ban: A follower of Rat must aid rats and their kin as long as this does not help the Tainted.


Totem of the Warder of Man tribe

Cockroach, a totem of Wisdom, represents invention and inspiration – and the Wyld in these. He loves and promotes the growth of technology, and enjoys hearing of new inventions. Cockroach also represents communication and trade, promotes the welfare of humankind - and for these reasons is often (mistakenly) associated with the Weaver over the Wyld. Cockroach loves to teach and talk with his followers, and is often happy to give advice, and is usually a friendly and approachable totem. Cockroach is more likely to accept unusual followers that are willing to serve him, though few know his reasons why. Cockroach is also a busy spirit, and has been known to send his brood in his place to settle his business (For example: Mula’Krante – a spirit of coin and commerce, or one of his Scab Birds – spirits of negotiation and communication).

Ban: A follower of Cockroach cannot harm insects – particularly cockroaches – and should seek to cleanse any that become tainted.


Totem of the Silent Strider tribe

Owl, a totem of wisdom, represents knowledge that is secret and timeworn – pulled from the darkest places of the night. Owl is often associated with Death and the Dark Umbra – which tend to go hand-in-hand, and are the eyes in any dark place; if it happened at night – Owl saw it. Though one might think of owl as a fearsome predator of the night (and Owl is), this totem also treats followers like well loved children, with nurturing and patience. Ban: A follower of Owl must leave an offering of a bound rodent out for where Owl can find it.


Totem of the Children of Gaia tribe

Unicorn, a totem of Wisdom, represents peace, harmony, and healing. She teaches her followers her ways, and urges them to resolve things without resorting to violence whenever possible. She does not do this out of a fear of battle - Unicorn is no pushover. Rather, she understand the power of words, and that a handful of words can accomplish what cannot be accomplish from a lifetime of fighting. Unicorn’s message and methods have been so effective that even the most stubborn and violent of other spirits respect her voice and words. Sometimes Unicorn will send her personal messenger in her place – Dove, a spirit of peace, negotiation, and hope. Ban: A follower of Unicorn must always help those in need as long as this does not help the Tainted.


Totem of the Corax Fera mainly, but some non-corax follow him

Raven, a totem of wisdom, represents truth and communication. Raven dabbles in the mystical, but, is distinctly a trickster and a teacher above all else. He is wise, caring, fiercely practical, and about as casual as Totems come. Raven would prefer to teach a lesson to an ally than to take revenge against them; though some of his lessons are harsh or have lasting effects longer than any physical scar. Still, Raven recognizes the importance of morale and teaches his followers to laugh even in the face of death - which Raven also happens to represent. Most of Raven’s followers are tricksters, teachers, or both – as are his brood (Like Myna – a spirit of mimicry and impersonation, and Magpie – the king of thieves of the spirit-world).

Ban: A Non-Corax follower of Raven can’t save wealth; instead they must trust that Raven will provide for them. Raven asks no ban of the Corax.

Wyrm Totems[edit]

Bat (Strength)[edit]

In the Old World, the Were bats were hunted to extinction in the War Of Rage. Their totem fell to the Wyrm. Bat has been known to be fascinated by Vampires, as they survive on blood the way that werebats used to.

Black Fungus (Corruption/Madness)[edit]

Lurker of dark places and mad whispers, this totem offers visions of madness...for a price. Little is known of this totem, and those who say they understand him are often insane themselves. If your character is so unlucky as to have their mind touched by Black Fungus (with a mental power or the like), many are never quite the same again. It is suggested you choose a derangement for your character sheet if this happens.

Green Dragon (War)[edit]

War leader of the Wyrm's fiercest warriors, he is said to be like a corrupted version of Fenrir. If there is a connection between them in truth, it is unknown. The followers of Green Dragon will not back down from battle, allowing their unhindered Rage to topple their enemies.

Hakaken (Strength)[edit]

"The Heart of Fear" preys on the fears and weaknesses of his foes. He saps bravery and replaces it with unthinking terror. Once his enemies are nothing but sobbing husks, he recruits them for the Wyrm.

The Whippoorwill (Cunning)[edit]

The Totem of the Black Spiral Dancers. Some say this Incarna defeated Lion and destroyed the White Howler tribe. Others say that Whippoorwill simply arrived and took over at the right time, or that Whippoorwill is actually part of Lion which was corrupted and exalted by the Wyrm. The Traitors largest Hive is in Scotland so Whippoorwill's minions and influence are one of the greatest enemies of the Sept. The Cairn of the Setting Suns is considered by some to be the border of what is Gaian and what is Wyrm.