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Development Sandbox


IF THEN for Type powers[edit]

example: If the power is a Mental it includes:

<poem style="width: 100px; border: 2px solid #d6d2c5; background-color: #F8FBFF; padding: 1em;">Usage - 10 ft radius - sight based</poem>

create that statement as a Template and place on all mental powers pages. Then you can update it if it globally changes or is redefined.


Power's Template

Rules Relevant[edit]

Category: Pages which contain Rules

The above link is a maintenance category that should be applied to any page that contains rules which may need to be updated upon a rules revision. If possible, these pages should be kept to a minimum to make Rules updates easier and to avoid duplication of data. To apply the category, simply add it like any other; it will not render on the public version of the page.

Faction Page Template[edit]

===(Becoming an X)===
===Playing an (X)===
====(Core driving force/nature)====
====(Internal challenges)====
===(Virtue type)===
====(Distinction level 1 - optional)====
====(Distinction level 2 - optional)====
===(Distinction level 1 - optional)===
===(Distinction level 2 - optional)===
===(Social structure/Rank)===
===(Territorial order/Customs)===
===(Support Characters)===
===(Primary social mode)===
====(Data point)====
====(Data point)====
===(The World (Europe) )===
===(British Isles)===
===(Northern England)===
==Source Canon==