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Tips for sinking your teeth into the Vampire faction[edit]

Know as much as you can about your faction[edit]

White Wolf created a rich and dark world for Vampire and it's a pretty fun read. You can find information in the many Dark Ages Vampire books, in our Player's Guide and Wiki, and in various other World of Darkness based websites on the internet.

Expect and be prepared for a mental challenge![edit]

Faction-ism is a pretty central part of this game. The Vampires and Shifters generally don't get along (though exceptions exist) and single shifters are, in general, bigger and stronger than the average single vampire. Your game will have to be subtler. If you can't beat them on the field of battle, beat them in the game of politics and intrigue.

Make (and break) alliances![edit]

Your greatest resource as a Vampire is the other Vampires in game. Working together may help reach some of your goals. You may be prepared to back stab your allies when the time is right, or to be back stabbed yourself. Don't take it personally, whatever happens.

Don't hesitate to ask for help in or out of game[edit]

Nothing makes a Vampire player happier than seeing someone he mentored pulling off a particularly vicious bit of intrigue, even while his own plans may be falling apart because of it. Vampire players may be the nicest people you'll meet outside of game, but in game, their characters can be ruthless. A good thing to consider when making a Vampire is setting up alliances in your back story. The Vampire psychology is based on the idea that you will live forever. Strong bonds of trust, in a world based on destroying those around you for power, can thus can take years or decades to occur (if ever). That's just not time we have, in the game we're playing. Coming into game with friends who your character has "known and trusted for a hundred years" can give you a bit of stability that you might not find otherwise amongst more recently met Vamps. And well, it also makes it that much sweeter when you have to destroy them to further your own secret goals. That said, one of the modifications of Shadow Accord is that characters have the option of building those relationships more quickly in game.

Know your Road, fear your Beast![edit]

The philosophical heart of the Vampire game is the Road and the Beast. Knowing what these two things mean to your character will give you a baseline from which all other character ideas can grow. It's one of the most commonly overlooked things, particularly by newer players, but the more experienced will all agree that this is something vital to a fully fleshed out Vampire experience.