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Shadow Accord is a Live Action Roleplaying (LARP) game set in a small town in medieval England within White Wolf's 2nd Edition Dark Ages World of Darkness. Roleplay is a heavy focus of this game, with supporting boffer and packet combat. It's part improvisational theater, part strategy game, and part sparring match.

Among the playable character choices are:

Players primarily make their own stories with player interaction along with some dealings involving NPCs. Storytellers support a believable setting with mundane and supernatural stories intended to add flavor to the world and react to player actions.

The game is an immersive experience with full costuming and setting decoration. When you enter the game, you are in character for the entire weekend. Both the remote wooded environment and the decorated buildings and cabins help support the medieval town setting.

Out-Of-Game Info[edit]

During Game[edit]

There is a lot of information to be familiar with to have a great weekend playing Shadow Accord.

  • Logistics covers the basics of getting to site and how things work once you are there.
  • Character Creation has info on how to work with the Character Guides to get your new character ready to play.
  • Role-Play and In-Game Conflict Resolution covers the the rules and provides information on how to react to some of the things you are likely to encounter while playing.

Outside Of Game[edit]

While the six yearly events are the focus of Shadow Accord not everything happens during during game.

Setting Information[edit]

The World of Darkness: Dark Ages setting that Shadow Accord uses has a richly detailed history of the supernatural. There is more to the world than the supernatural forces pulling at it though. To help with envisioning the world there is setting information on the region and the era the game is set in.

The Mundane World[edit]

The Mortal Setting gives details on mortal politics, history, and culture. It is primarily a resource for what life was like in the 13th century. All players and characters should at least have a basic understanding of this information.

Player Factions[edit]

  • Human - The world is filled with humans. Most have no idea what is going on in the world around them.
  • Shifter - The changing breeds fulfill their roles in protecting nature and interacting with the spirits of the land.
  • Vampire - Immortals living off of the blood of others making political maneuvers for the ages.
  • Wraith - The restless dead search for meaning in their endless night while fighting Oblivion or falling to it.

Other Supernatural Groups[edit]

Information on other supernatural characters, such as Fae and Mages. While some groups within a faction may have limited knowledge of these other supernatural types, please confer with a Character Guide to see exactly what those limits are.

  • Mage - Humans who have gained the power to bend the world to their wills.
  • Fae - Magical beings of legend.