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Life in Dark Ages England is no easy task. The Nobility enforces a rigorous feudal system wherein the average person has no hope of ever bettering themselves or raising their station. Wealth is hard to come by, freedoms are almost nonexistent, good health and hygiene are foreign concepts, and the mere act of survival is a daily struggle against the odds. Yet for many of those that don’t make it in through those hardships, their story is only just beginning...

Only a small percentage of deaths result in the creation of a Wraith, and exactly what factors contribute to whether or not one will cross into the shadowlands remain a mystery. It’s commonly held that those who meet their end unfulfilled in life or left behind unfinished business are doomed to walk the shadowlands until these issues are resolved. The shadowlands are a parallel world that exists as a bleak reflection of the living world. Very few happy and well adjusted people end up as a wraith because they tend to die with no regrets. While the individual usually has no idea why they became a wraith, there must be a strong anchor or regret to keep existing in the shadowlands after death. The rest pass on into whatever fate lies beyond.

Where a wraith crosses over is often not where one would expect. Some appear in the shadowlands at the location of their death, others in their childhood home, or even their place of business. While one may not predict the exact location of where a wraith will appear when it crosses over, the place is always a location that held great significance to them in mortal life.

All of the dead that come into the Dark Kingdom of Iron are classified into one of eight Legions based on their method of death. This system was established to help those who died of similar means to work together and help support each other through the challenges of being dead. It is thought that by coming to terms with your death, and resolving your unfinished business, one might Transcend to the next existence. While the Legions do provide moral and emotional support for coming to terms with you burdens, they have over the years re purposed themselves to the daunting task of protecting and running an empire. As it stands now they are more often military and political groupings than support groups.

Every Wraith has the use of some powers, known as Arcanoi, but not every Wraith is a member of a Guild. The guilds are organizations of like minded wraith who study, use, and master the use of a specific Arcanoi together. They teach each other, share what they know and use the guild structure to grow their art and further their collective agenda. The guilds are also avenues through which the common wraith may attain power, prestige and influence. The guilds are cultural Icons in the height of their power during the dark ages. They have allies, enemies, agendas and goals, all of which are taken to differing degrees depending on where you fall in the guild.

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It has been {{#expr:2018-476-800}} years since the Great Maelstrom.

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