Wraith Legions

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The Legions of the Dead[edit]

Every member of the dead belongs to a legion, even if they never spend any time working for that legion. The legions themselves argue for as many to join their ranks as possible. Often times deaths that could fall into multiple categories go to whichever legion gets to them first. Legion determination is further helped by a phenomenon known as Death marks. Death marks appear on the body or Corpus of a wraith as exaggerated echoes of how they died. A starvation victim would look over proportionally weak and sunken, while the stab wound of a murder victim might linger and drip phantasmal blood. Not all wraiths death marks are so easily noticeable, but they all have them, even if they have been covered up or wiped away by the use of powers.

Silent Legion - Victims of Despair[edit]

A legion made up mostly of suicides. Their leader is the Quiet Lord, and are often known for committing suicide a second time, ending their existence as wraiths as they did as mortals.

Emerald Legion - Victims of Happenstance[edit]

Those who die by accidental means make up this legion. Their leader is the Emerald Lord. They are known for efficiency and often fill the ranks of the Empire’s bureaucrats.

Skeletal Legion - Victims of Disease[edit]

Those who die from diseases are taken by this legion. They often find themselves fighting for those who should join their ranks, and are one of the more militant legions. Their Deathlord is known as the Skeletal Lord.

Legion of Paupers - Victims of Mystery[edit]

These are wraiths whose manner of death is either unknown or so strange that it does not fit into any of the other legions. They are led by the Beggar Lord. The are often known for skills at investigation or espionage, and have a stronger streak of individuality than most legions.

Legion of Fate - Victims of Fate[edit]

(Note: Shadow Accord differs somewhat from canon on this legion). This legion is made up of those whose death was “fated” in some fashion. They generally know the day and time of their death, days or even years in advance. They can be made up of those ritually sacrificed, victims who know when “the plug will be pulled”, or those with mystical foresight. This smallest of the legions is ruled by the Lady of Fate, an ancient ally and close friend of Charon.

Penitent Legion - Victims of Insanity[edit]

The victims in this legion are either mad themselves, or killed by madmen, making them a strange bunch (as sometimes killer and victim will be forced to work side-by-side). The Laughing Lady rules over them.

Iron Legion - Victims of Age[edit]

These are the wraiths who died of old age related problems. Unusual to wraiths, their life story is often more interesting than the story of their death. They are also often more conservative and stubborn, to match the stereotypes of their life before dying. The Ashen Lady is their Deathlord.

Grim Legion - Victims of Violence[edit]

The most common legion in Shadow Accord, Grim Legion members died by some form of violence. Some are murder victims, others died in war. Ushaw Moor was, for a while, claimed as territory of this Legion (though that is currently contested). The Smiling Lord rules this legion, and one of his personal Harbingers is known to regularly pass through the area.