Wraith Guilds

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The Stygian Guilds[edit]

Artificers Guild - Soulforgers and Craftsmen of the Shadowlands

Alchemists Guild - Scientists and Tinkers, a subset of Artificers

Chanteurs Guild - Musicians and Songsmiths of the Dead

Harbingers Guild - Messengers, Heralds, and Explorers of the Shadowlands

Pardoners Guild - Bastion of Hope in the Battle Against Ones Shadow

Proctors Guild - Experience of Life Outside of the Shadowlands

Monitors Guild - Study and Safeguard Wraiths' Connections to the Mortal World

Oracles Guild - Peer Into the Future and See Things for What They Truly Are, or Will Be

Masquers Guild - Masters of Reshaping Their Own Corpus and the Corpus of Others

Mnemoi Guild - Well Learned in the Arts of Psychology and Sociology

Sandmen Guild - Preserve Stories and Tales in the Form of Performance

Haunters Guild - Cause Chaos and Fear Among the Living

Spooks Guild - An Offshoot of the Haunters, More Thugish and Violent

Usurers Guild - Moneychangers of the Shadowlands

Puppeteers Guild - Control and Possess the Living

The Guild Wars[edit]

During the Dark Ages, the guilds have grown in strength and influence, and with all such competing organizations animosity between them has started to grow to levels where action speaks louder than words. The Guild Wars represents a period of unrest between the guilds wherein each organization seeks to strengthen its allied guilds, and undermine its enemies. It is not a period of open warfare, but rather a tense cold war. The guilds seek to undermine, oppress, or outright dissolve other guilds in competition for power.

It started as a plot to overthrow the Artificers guild, whom had grown to dangerous levels of power and wealth in the practice of their art, and dissolved as guilds started taking sides. Actual skirmishes are known to break out, but are uncommon, and most are hastily covered up and dealt with discreetly. While Ushaw Moor is far from Stygia and the heart of the conflict, certain animosities and prejudices towards guild enemies are not uncommon, even among low ranking members of the guilds.